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World: Construction of charging stations for electric cars in the north accelerates

Moon wants to formally end the Korean War. Can it bring peace?

  Moon wants to formally end the Korean War. Can it bring peace? South Korean president is pushing for end of war declaration, but critics worry it will undermine alliance with the US.Expressing concern that the January 5 test risked further destabilising inter-Korean ties, Moon stressed that his government would not give up hope of resuming peace talks.

The construction of charging stations for electric cars in Schleswig-Holstein has quickly accelerated. In 2021, more than 5,000 orders are addressed to connect charging stations for E cars, the network operator Schleswig-Holstein network (SH network) shared on Monday. In the previous year, it had been 1000 orders. All orders have been counted from the wallbox on the private house to the fast charging station on the highway.

Ein Stecker eines Ladekabels steckt in einer Ladestation für Elektroautos. © Carsten Koall / dpa / Symbol image A plug of a charging cable is in a charging station for electric cars.

Since the installation of the first charging column in October 2013, SH Net has thus registered more than 7000 charging stations on the net accordingly. "These figures reflect the growing interest of municipalities, businesses and private individuals on electromobility," said the board of SH Netz, Stefan Strobl, with.

Pandemic pollution: building boom creates millions of tonnes of rubbish .
Government stimulus programs resulted in a construction boom. And a huge mess.The biggest contributor to Australia’s waste crisis isn’t households or fashion — it’s construction. Early in the pandemic, to boost the economy, federal and state governments introduced stimulus packages and programs to get Australians building.

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