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World: Anne Frank and her family were denounced by a Jewish lawyer in 1944, says a book

Stromae evokes his 3 year old son and sings live against Anne-Claire Coudray

 Stromae evokes his 3 year old son and sings live against Anne-Claire Coudray Stromae was the guest of the 20-hour newspaper TF1 to talk about his new album. He evokes the birth of his son and sings an unprecedented piece live. Stromae has made its first television interview for many years, this Sunday, January 9th. It was the Journal of 20h of TF1 who had this honor. Anne-Claire Coudray led this interview, where the Belgian singer spoke his new album , multitude, but not only. He also talked about his long break, he started in 2015. " I needed to live ," he explained .

Portrait d'Anne (Anna) Frank (1929 - 1945), petite fille juive allemande, émigrée avec sa famille en Hollande, elle resta cachée pendant deux ans dans un grenier pour fuir les persecutions allemandes. Elle fut découverte puis deportee au camp de Bergen-Belsen (Bergen Belsen). Elle ecrivit un journal autobiographique que son père fit publier en 1946. © Leemage Photo Portrait of Anne (Anna) Frank (1929 - 1945), small German Jewish girl, emigrated with his family in Holland she remained hidden for two years in an attic to escape the German persecution. It was discovered then deportee camp Bergen-Belsen (Bergen Belsen). She wrote to an autobiographical newspaper that his father had published in 1946. The

end of a long mystery? Nearly seventy-eight years after arrested Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam by Nazis, a new book aims to shed light on one of the most famous pages of the Second World War . The investigation by a former FBI agent reveals that the main suspect of this denunciation would be a Jewish lawyer, Arnold van den Bergh. The man would have done so to save his own family. This is what reveals Canadian author Rosemary Sullivan, who published in January Who betrayed Anne Frank? (translated by Harper Collins editions in France).

Bielefeld: As Kramer brought the shamrock luck

 Bielefeld: As Kramer brought the shamrock luck with Arminia's opponent Next Sunday evening, Frank Kramer has a special relationship. Many years played and coaches the Bielefelder coach for the francs. Now the friendship must rest again for a good 90 minutes. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner meets his ex-club: Bielefeld's coach Frank Kramer. Long Fürth's Past of the Trainer Away Wins in the Bundesliga? Can the Fürther in your admittedly short first division history so far counted on one source.

The history of this survey began in 2016. The filmmaker and journalist Thijs Bayens Pieter van Twisk, both Dutch, then decided to hire Vince Pankoke, an FBI agent retired in Florida. Bringing together a forensic psychologist, archivists, historians and criminologists, the excavation team of contemporary documents and lists of suspects. Among them, a name emerges: that of Arnold van den Bergh. To support their conclusions, Pankoke and his team are based primarily on an anonymous letter sent after the war to Otto Frank, the father of the girl, and that identifies the notary as a traitor. Big data


IA From modern techniques such as artificial intelligence and big data, dozens of interviews and consultation of private and public archives, the team would have retained the name of the Jewish notary of Amsterdam . After the invasion by the Germans in 1940, it became a member of an organization mounted by the Nazis brings together prominent Jews, the Jewish Council. In exchange for their cooperation, including the denunciation of other Jews, these members and their families are spared.

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Anne Frank's family, along with four other people, Was Discovered by hiding in a Dutch Police unit led by an SS officer. All Were feels to concentration camps. Otto Frank, the lone survivor, WAS, for a time, Determined to find out Who betrayed His Family.

- 60 Minutes (@ 60minutes) January 17, 2022

teenager during the war, Anne Frank became famous worldwide for recounted in his journal his two years with his family in hiding in Amsterdam, above a warehouse pectin and spices. Denounced with relatives in August 1944, she was sent to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, Germany, where she died a year later. Many theories have been circulating about the origin of the information, without the light is never done.

Caution Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, warned that questions remained about the anonymous letter received by Otto Frank, and that further investigation should be conducted. "You must be very careful before entering someone in history as the one who betrayed Anne Frank if you are not 100 or 200% of this" , he said on Monday .

Belgian historian Chantal Kesteloot, a researcher at War and Society Studies Center (CEGESOMA), is also skeptical of these new elements. "Giving food the name of the notary that it is not 100% sure of guilt" is not necessarily relevant, she reported to the RTBF. "Do not get the wrong target , she adds . Officials are indeed those who set up the Jewish extermination system Europe. "

in paris, the crack in the center of an umpteenth battle between the town hall and the state .
© Stéphane lagoutte The Square Forceval, Porte de la Villette, where was a Crack consumers camp, November 24, 2021 photo Stock Illustration). and it is left for a new game. The Town Hall of Paris and the Police Prefecture oppose again about , sensitive, Crack consumers in the capital, the leader of the police who decided to move them out of the north-east of the capital , their historical group of grouping.

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