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World: Taking hostages in a TEXAS synagogue: Rabbi precipitated the outcome

Track world mourns Olympic star dead at 29

  Track world mourns Olympic star dead at 29 Sprinter Deon Lendore, an Olympic and world championship star died Monday. He was 29.According to Texas A&M University, for whom Lendore had worked as a volunteer assistant coach over the past two seasons, the sprinter was returning home from practice when he was involved in an automobile accident.

Quatre personnes ont été retenues en otages samedi dans cette synagogue de la congrégation Beth Israël, à Colleyville. AFP/Andy Jacobsohn © Valery Hache Four people were selected in hostages Saturday in this synagogue of the Congregation Beth Israel, in Colleyville. AFP / Andy Jacobsohn allowed people still retained to flee. The Rabbi of The TEXAS synagogue that has been the theater of a hostage

video: United States: taking hostage in a synagogue, the kidnapper is dead (Le Figaro)

Saturday told how he had precipitated the denouement by throwing a chair on the armed man. "Towards the last hour of events, he did not get what he wanted", and "it did not show well," said Charlie Cytron-Walker on the CBS chain. "We were terrified," added this rabbi of the synagogue of the Congregation Beth Israel to Colleyville, a small town near Dallas, by telling the taking of hostages that lasted ten hours on Saturday. "When I saw an opportunity, at a time when he was not in good posture, I assured myself that the two men who were still with me were ready to leave. The exit was not too far. I told them to go there, "he continued, the voice still marked by the emotion. "I threw a chair on the armed man, and I took the direction of the door, and we were able to go out without a single shot being shot," said the rabbi. A British national named Malik Faisal Akram , 44, has taken hostages four people on Saturday in this synagogue, calling for the liberation of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist sentenced in 2010 by a federal court of New York at 86 years of age. prison for facts of terrorism. One of the hostages was released after several hours of negotiations, while the other three came out in the evening, all healthy and sounds. The details of the denouement, which was accompanied by an intervention of the police and shots, and which resulted in the death of the captor, were not yet known. Training organized by Police Charlie Cytron-Walker explained that he had received training, organized in particular by the police, to know how to react in these delicate situations. "They really teach you that when your life is threatened, we have to do everything you can to put you safe," he said. He added that the formation of religious manager also transmitted, moreover, "the idea of ​​being a calm and non-anxogenic presence", which helped him control his nerves during the taking of hostages. According to this story, Malik Faisal Akram initially struck at the door of the synagogue and the rabbi offered him a cup of tea "to speak with him". "I did not hear anything suspicious," he explained. But "during prayer, while I had the back turned," "I heard a click", that of "his firearm".

Iran: a Frenchman condemned for "espionage", decision "unacceptable" for Paris .
© Said Dehghan's Twitter Account / AFP / Archives D Held for more than a year and a half in Iran , French Benjamin Brière has Summer sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison for "espionage" and "propaganda" against the regime, a decision judged on Tuesday "unacceptable" by Paris , and qualified as "political" by his family and his lawyer. Mr.

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