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World: Tesla share at 1,580 or 67 US dollars: Tesla trapped between bulls and bears

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barely a stock polarized on the stock markets as much as the Tesla paper. There is the one who always believed in the shiny future of the electro-pioneer, but also the others who are sure that the high rating of Teslas is not justified. But where is it now for the Tesla share - at 67 or rather 1,580 US dollars?

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• Tesla share with a strong run in 2021

• Analysts with a large spectrum when evaluating the share certificate

• High rating stands great potential compared to

of the E caraker Tesla has finished a successful year 2021. So it went for the Tesla paper in the old year nearly 50 percent up to 1,056.78 US dollars. According to market capitalization, the electro-pioneer is worth a trillion US dollar - more than any other car manufacturer in the world.

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In the new year, the e-automaker was already able to convince with positive news: as Tesla registered in the early January, another delivery record was set up in the fourth quarter of 2021 and also with the overall deliveries last year was able to set up a new record - here A plus of 87 percent was booked compared to 2020. Also in the important EV country China, Tesla was very successful in December 2021 . Thus, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) informed that streams have been sold in the month of 70.847 in China - there have never been more vehicles.

analyst estimates far apart

The expectations of hardly any other vehicle manufacturer are likely to be as far apart as the company of Visionary Elon Musk. This becomes clear, look at the FACTSET estimates of the Tesla share certificate. There, the highest price target is $ 1,580 and thus significantly above the current price of $ 1,049.61 (stand is the closing price of 14 January 2022). The lowest destination, however, amounts to $ 67, which would equal with a massive burglary of the Tesla paper. But who is right now and can be a statement at all?

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Jefferies sees great potential

Jefferies Analyst Philippe Houchois is a true Tesla bull and rated the E car manufacturer with a price target of $ 1,400. His bullish view is based on the expectation, Tesla will still do great things on the car - but also in other markets, as Barron's writes. Although the MUSC Group had to work in terms of quality in terms of quality in order to be able to keep up with traditional authorities, but he see this as an achievable goal. In addition, Tesla in terms of software, batteries and autonomous drive far forward.

GLJ Research holds Hype for not justified

very different sees Gordon Johnson by GLJ Research, which mainly caused a $ 67-US dollar price target for conversation. He interferes with the trillion-heavy evaluation of the Tesla share certificate, which in his opinion already preliminary Teslas success in other sectors - although this is by no means certainty: "You could take McDonald's and say that you will start Nikes and saying Chairs and pianos for sale and settle these reviews. Cars for sale is not the same as the sale of iPhones or shirts, "says Johnson to Barron's. In the price of the Tesla share, a so enormous production increase of Teslas would have been priced, which could not create carmaker at all.

e-mobility is popular

in general, it goes up for the EV market in the US and beyond. As Barron's reports, EV sales in the US have already identified four percent in the overall market last year after only two percent in the previous year. And in Europe and China, an increase is to be observed. The proportion of e-mobility is likely to increase that more and more different electric car manufacturers are pushing on the market and offering consumers an ever larger number of different models. Whether it will succeed at Tesla, even in the future at the beginning, that will only show the time. Editorial

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