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World: Lower Saxony Investigators Switching cybercriminals used servers from

Federal Court of Justice Decides to rent payments in Lockdown

 Federal Court of Justice Decides to rent payments in Lockdown The Federal Court of Justice wants to express itself today to the question of whether business owners had to pay the full rent in Corona-Lockdown. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA With the regulatory closures, many shops were broken away by many stores. During the trial in December, signed that retailers are unlikely to hope for a flat-rate half / half-scheme. Possibly all cases must be examined individually in court.

Investigators from Lower Saxony have switched off a server network used by alleged cybercriminals used by alleged cybercriminal access action. The public prosecutor, police and Lower Saxony state government on Tuesday in Hanover and Verden with. They blocked a network of 15 server locations, which communicates criminals in encrypted shape and, for example, to have organized cyber attacks on hospitals.

Ermittler aus Niedersachsen haben in einer internationalen Zugriffsaktion ein von Cyberkriminellen genutztes Servernetzwerk abgeschaltet. Über das Netz sollen Kriminelle in verschlüsselter Form kommuniziert und Cyberattacken organisiert haben. © Nicolas Asfouri Investigators from Lower Saxony have switched off a Cybercriminal-used service network in an international access action. About the network, criminals in encrypted shape should have communicated and Cyberatapers have organized.

involved, among other things, investigators in neighboring states such as France and the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the USA. The European police and judicial authorities were also involved. The stroke was considered the servers of an Internet service provider, which offers customers a double-secured encrypted communication via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Criminals should have used these to exchange harmful software for blackmail tests and coordinate themselves.

ASX drops, tech plunges on rate fears

  ASX drops, tech plunges on rate fears Investors have seen their ASX shares fall but have been faring much better than the huge losses suffered by Wall Street traders.The ASX was down 0.76 per cent on Wednesday after soaring bond yields in the US helped decimate markets there.

The network served, among other things, to disseminate the malware "Ryuk", with the suspects such as clinics, companies, administrations and universities. The servers were used by various criminal groups for the exchange and construction of organized structures, explained the investigators.

in the wheels came the investigation guided by the police Hannover and the Verden Prosecutor's office accordingly in 2019 after a cyberattick on the city administration of Neustadt am Rübenberge. Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) evaluated the shutdown of the servers as "great success". The successful action show, "that as security authorities we are able to put the crimes of criminal cybers networks".

"The sharpest sword against internationally active criminals is a common and tight approach," said the Minister on Tuesday, referring to cross-border coordination of investigators. Without the European Police Department Europol, the blow would not have been possible. Another expansion of competences and funds for Europol therefore hold "for mandatory". Perpetrators acted internationally "highly dynamic".


NRW trade urges abolition of 2G .
Dusseldorf. In Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saarland and Baden-Württemberg, the 2G rule of dishes has been tilted. This reinforces the frustration of dealers in North Rhine-Westphalia. They plead for strict mask rules and possibly area access restrictions. © Stefan Sauer A business in Stralsund. (Archive, Symbol) Contrary to the restrictions in most federal states, almost half of the Germans wishes the abolition of the 2G rule in retail.

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