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World: Colombia: Ex-hostage Ingrid Betancourt wants to report to Presidential

Man takes hostages at Texas synagogue

  Man takes hostages at Texas synagogue Officials say hostage-taker is demanding the release of a Pakistani woman who was convicted of trying to kill US troops.The Colleyville Police Department said it has deployed SWAT teams to Congregation Beth Israel on Saturday and evacuated residents from the area.

Ingrid Betancourt donne un discours à Bogota, le 18 janvier 2022. AFP/Daniel Munoz © Valery Hache Ingrid Betancourt gives a speech to Bogota, January 18, 2022. AFP / Daniel Munoz Twenty years after its abduction, the Franco-Colombian Ingrid Betancourt , hostage for six years of the FARC guerrilla, announced this Tuesday its intention to take part in the presidential election in Colombia. "I'm going to work tireless from now, from sunrise to be your president," she said, during a press conference. At the head of the small green oxygen ecologist, the ex-hostage , 59 years, will participate in a primary organized to decide the candidates of a centrist coalition, the coalition of hope. In the event of a victory, it will therefore represent the center to the presidential election of May 29, a current which is an alternative to face-to-face, structuring in Colombia, between the right to power and the left, represented by the ex- Mayor of Bogotá and former guerrilla Gustavo Petro, today the favorite in the polls. "I believe in a world with a woman's vision" for decades, we had only bad options: extreme right, extreme left. The time has come to have a center option, "said the candidate, who has set themselves the fight against insecurity and pollution. "I believe in a world with a woman's vision," she added. "Today, I am here to finish what I started with many of you in 2002. With the conviction that Colombia is now ready to change course," she said, referring to His six years of detention in the jungle. Ingrid Betancourt was kidnapped by the Marxist guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) as she campaigned for the presidency. It has been rescued during a military operation and has since lived from abroad, regularly staying in Colombia where it often takes part in the public debate. "Truth, Justice and Repair" The Franco-Colombian has also expressed this Tuesday of the $ 36 million in orderly financial reparation in early January by the American justice against the Farc deceased, for their responsibility in its abduction. "We sometimes used to think that ask Justice is abusive (...). I came today to ask that each son, every girl, every father, every mother be compensated, indemnified and indemnified, "hastyed the candidate. A Federal Court of Pennsylvania (Northeastern United States) found on 4 January that the son of the ex-hostage - born in 1988 of his first union with French Fabrice Delloye - "is entitled to compensation of 12 Million dollars before it is tripled with fees and lawyers ", more than $ 36 million, according to his lawyers. Lawrence Betancourt, also called Lorenzo, who owns the American nationality, had filed a complaint in the United States, civilian in June 2018, against 14 former FARC officials, most of whom are presumed dead today or still in arms in the jungle . In 2010, Ingrid Betancourt had asked for compensation to the Colombian state so as not to guarantee his safety, but she had given up critics. "I was accused of being ungrateful, opportunistic, greedy (...). But the corruption system that reigns in our country only recognizes the rights of bandits, "she distributed, saying, like the other victims," ​​Truth, Justice and Repair "of the investigations carried out by the Peace Court, Set up by the 2016 Agreement which ended a conflict of more than half a century with Marxist guerrillas. According to this agreement, those who admit their crimes and repair the damage to victims of war may avoid prison. Otherwise, they risk sentences up to twenty years of imprisonment.

Vanessa Demouy in touch with Ingrid Chauvin since his departure from tomorrow belongs to us? Is it .
Is © KCS Press Vanessa Demouy in contact with Ingrid Chauvin since his departure from tomorrow belongs to us? She answers Vanessa Demouy had a real friendly favorite for Ingrid Chauvin when she started in the series tomorrow belongs to us. Now at the cast of here everything starts on TF1, has she kept links with his comrade? The 48-year-old actress confided in the columns of the magazine we two. Vanessa Demouy owes everything to Ingrid Chauvin.

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