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World: French tourist killed in Morocco: a suspect arrested, the anti-terrorist police responsible for the survey

Vaccinal scheme: The French expatriate puzzle living in Russia

 Vaccinal scheme: The French expatriate puzzle living in Russia © AFP - Alexander Nemenov Thousands of French live in Russia, especially in Moscow, the Russian capital. French living expatriates in Russia are obviously forced to survive. Indeed, France only authorizes four vaccines in its vaccine scheme and dismissed the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. A real puzzle for our fellow citizens who are established in Russia. Testimony.

Le trentenaire interpellé, récemment admis dans un hôpital psychiatrique, est suspecté d'une autre tentative d'assassinat sur une ressortissante belge (illustration). AFP/ABDELHAK SENNA © (AFP / Abdelhak Senna) The milf, recently admitted to a psychiatric hospital, is suspected of another assassination attempt. On a Belgian national (illustration). AFP / Abdelhak Senna of the flight hypothesis to a terrorist act? This will have to determine the investigators. The Moroccan floor has entrusted the investigation into the murder of a French tourist near Agadir , in the southern Morocco, to the anti-terrorism police, suspected "a mobile terrorist of the crime," said Monday night at the AFP a source close to the investigation. The central office of judicial investigations (BCIJ) "was in charge of the investigation in this case under the supervision of the prosecutor of the king near the Court of Appeal of Rabat because of suspicion on a mobile terrorist of the crime" , specified the source under cover of anonymity. A 79-year-old French national was killed on Saturday on a Tiznit market with a white weapon. She resided in a campsite near this small town. A 31-year-old suspect was arrested the same day in Agadir, just a few kilometers from the place of crime. He is also suspected of committing "an assassination attempt" of a Belgian in Agadir, had revealed Saturday the Moroccan police. The Belgian national was injured in the white weapon and hospitalized in this tourist city. His days are not in danger. The French authorities call for vigilance following the murder of the septuagenarian, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has "recommended to be vigilant in all public places and during its displacements in Morocco", in a Council. Travelers posted on the website of the French Embassy in Morocco. In addition, the police had clarified that the suspect, under a heightly anti-terrorist investigation, had previously been admitted to a "25 September 25 October 2021" psychiatric hospital. The kingdom has been spared in recent years by violence related to jihadist groups. However, Morocco has been the theater at the end of 2018 of an attack on two Scandinavian tourists, beheaded in the name of the Islamic State in the mountains of the High Atlas (South). Following a very follow-up trial, the accused have been sentenced to the death penalty, not applied in Morocco since 1993. Since 2002, the Moroccan police have dismantled more than 2,000 terrorist cells and arrested more than 3 500 people in the context of "terrorism" business, according to the data communicated in 2021 by the BCIJ.

Coronavirus in Morocco: The Kingdom reopens its airspace after two months of closing .
The Moroccan government was in particular under the pressure of a tourist sector hard hit © Mehdi Fedouach / AFP in Bordeaux, passengers embark in a flight of The Royal Air Maroc company, in 2020. Omicron - The Moroccan government was in particular under the pressure of a tourist sector hardly touched the loose Morocco of Les.

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