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World: United States: a conservative judge of the Supreme Court refuses to wear an anti-COVID mask

After a slew of scandals, will British voters stand by Johnson?

  After a slew of scandals, will British voters stand by Johnson? The PM has admitted to breaking lockdown rules, raising public anger, but some say they will still support him.At the time of the May 20, 2020 social event, which had a reported 40 attendees, the United Kingdom recorded 363 deaths from COVID-19 as the government told the public, “you can meet one person outside of your household in an outdoor public place.

© Pool The appointment of Neil Gorsuch by Donald Trump had been strongly controversial (archives). Jabin Botsford / Reuters La nomination de Neil Gorsuch par Donald Trump avait été fortement controversée (archives). Jabin Botsford/Reuters named by Donald Trump, this preservative had already made known for his anti-abortion position and , it seems, defended the use of torture . A US Supreme Court Judge was strongly criticized on Tuesday for his apparent refusal to wear the mask at hearings, an attitude reflecting the degraded climate within the venerable institution. For the second consecutive week, the preservative Neil Gorsuch was on Tuesday the only of the nine wise men of the uncovered face sitting, reported the few journalists authorized to be present in the building. The port of the mask is a very strong political marker in the United States, where the obligation to cover the face, in force in some places, is considered a sprain in individual freedoms by a large part of the right. The judges of the Supreme Court like to repeat that they are held above the political fray and insist on the collegiality of their work. However, they have more and more difficulty hiding deep disputes between the strong conservative majority (six judges) and the left minority (three). A mask to protect a sister at risk The head of the court, John Roberts, a moderate curator who strives to make the connection between the two blocks, had, according to sources cited by the public radio NPR , asked all Judges hidden after the end of year holidays. According to the radio, he had made this request by consideration for their progressive sister Sonia Sotomayor who suffers from diabetes and is more vulnerable in case of contamination. All have accepted, except Neil Gorsuch - one of the three magistrates appointed by Donald Trump, added NPR. According to the radio, his attitude pushed Sonia Sotomayor, who sits on his side in the courtroom, to distance himself. Since a week, she has been involved in the audio link, from her office. Although Neil Gorsuch is little known to the general public, his attitude was among the most discussed topics on Twitter. "I'm so happy to not have voted for this manure. What kind of person does that? In particular, Tweeted the former Senator Democrat Claire McCaskill on Twitter, who had opposed his confirmation in 2017. Solicited, the Supreme Court did not specify what sanitary measures applied within it. The high court had totally closed in March 2020 and its judges held their hearings by telephone, from their homes for months. In October, all vaccinated, they found themselves in Washington, often without mask, before this protection reappears at the same time as the Omicron variant. With more than 2,000 deaths and 660,000 cases a day this last week, the United States represents one out of four deaths in the world every day, according to Reuters.

United States: Joe Biden will appoint an African-American judge to the Supreme Court, for a first history .
of the 115 judges who sat at the Supreme Court, all but seven was white men © AP / SIPA SIX Candidates presidents to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States: Ketanji Brown Jackson, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Michelle Childs, Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, Sherrilin Ilfill and Holly Thomas. DIVERSITY - Of the 115 judges who sat at the Supreme Court, all but seven was white men "It's more time".

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