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World: Elysee 2022: How France 2 wants to reboost its political show

Jean-Luc Mélenchon Condemned for Public Injure and Defamation to Radio France

 Jean-Luc Mélenchon Condemned for Public Injure and Defamation to Radio France The leader of France unsuitable had treated journalists from Franceinfo "morons" and "liars" in a video published on his Facebook profile in October 2018. © provided by FranceInfo The member for France unsuitable and candidate for the presidential election Jean-Luc Mélenchon was sentenced Tuesday, January 11 for "public insults" and "public defamation" by the correctional court of Paris. He was sentenced to a fine of 500 euros suspended and shall pay 3,000 euros of damages to Radio France.

Elysée 2022 : comment France 2 veut rebooster son émission politique © Nathalie Guyon Elysée 2022: How France 2 wants to reboost its political show France 2 will launch a new formula of its political emission Elysee 2022 now baptized Elysée 2022: facing France Télévisions. This will be poised on February 10, with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, as a guest. All the details.

In a few weeks, France 2 will program a new issue of its political emission Elysee 2022 , carried by Léa Salamé and Laurent Guimier . After Valérie Pécresse on September 23, the nomination candidates The Republicans on November 30 for a final debate and Eric Zemmour on December 9, the show will host as the next political guest the leader of France unsuitable, Jean -Luc Mélenchon .

The radio hearings are rising, France Inter remains the favorite frequency of French

 The radio hearings are rising, France Inter remains the favorite frequency of French © Yves-Marie Quemener / West-France A Radio Studio de France Bleu. Médiamétrie has published, this Thursday, January 14, the radio hearings for 2021, with a renewed auditors over the year, without finding the level of preview Covid. On the podium of the most listened frequencies: France Inter, RTL and FranceInfo.

Candidates facing france télévisions

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Karine Le Marchand à Paris le 23 février 2020 lors du Salon de l'Agriculture

Interviewed by Le Parisien , Laurent Guimier, Director of the Information from France Télévisions and co-presenter of Elysee 2022, announces that the personalities of the group will come together with the candidates invited in the show, but denies the participations of Faustin Bollaert and Stéphane Bern, whose names circulated yet this morning ... other figures of the antenna, and each in their field of expertise, who will come to confront the candidates, according to the programs of the latter. " Our speakers will be different at each program. Some faces will amaze, but the goal is also to create unexpected sequences", says Laurent Guimier. According to the Parisian , several presenters and journalists are already in the running. With the exception of Stéphane Bern, Faustine Bollaert - announced at first - and Nagui, who will not be of the game.

Coronavirus in Île-de-France: The Covid-19 Bats Records

 Coronavirus in Île-de-France: The Covid-19 Bats Records Historically High Incidence Rate, High Hospital Voltage, Public Health France has published the coronavirus figures for the first week of January in Ile-de-France © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP A nurse awaits the results of a COVID test, December 23, 2021 Epidemics - historically high incidence rate, high hospital tension, France public health published the coronavirus figures for the first week From January to Ile-de-France Back to school 2022 is under the sign of the Covid-19 in Île-de-France .

Other news announced for this new formula. A change of name, since the show is now called

Elysee 2022: Facing France Télévisions . That's not all. Another dose of interactivity is breathed to the magazine with the participation of a representative French one-cent panel, selected via the Ipsos Institute. " These privileged viewers will be able to give their opinions, clarify and comment on the arguments of our guests ", Laurent Guimier details. All at a distance, via a video system. Finally, the show renounces its sequence of the mystery guest. Thomas Sotto set back from the presentation of

Elysée 2022 until the end of the presidential campaign after having co-animated with Lea Salamé the first issue of the show on September 23rd, Journalist

Thomas Sotto announced to set off the program on November 7th. The press had indeed revealed his relationship with the Prime Minister's Communication Advisor Jean Castex. " Thomas has decided to leave and I regret it. I can tell you it's painful for him what he is living, to see his private life exposed in front of everyone , had declared Lea Salamé On the daily plateau , on TMC, a few days later. This show, we have worn two years ago, at the time when everyone did not care about politics. Now it becomes exciting and Thomas must start withdrawn. I have never hidden how well we got along, it was his decision, he took it. Me, at the time, I did not hesitate to put me back (from France Inter and the political issue on France 2, NDLR) because my companion was candidate (in the European elections 2019, NDLR). There is with a councilor of the first Minister, rightly good. But seeing his life exposed, it hurts people around, there are children. I know he's suffering and embrace him. "

The problems of perspiration of Diane Leyre alias Miss France 2022 ... .
If Diane Leyre was elected more beautiful woman from France for the year 2022, the young woman still has to face some worries of ... sweating. © Instagram Diane Leyre's sweating problems Miss France 2022 ... We may seem perfect, and still have some flaws. If some prefer to hide them, Diane Leyre, she is not afraid to unveil them and display them in broad daylight.

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