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World: Four French soldiers of the operation "Barkhane" injured in an explosion in Burkina Faso

Africa Cup: Cameroon wins the prelude to Burkina Faso

 Africa Cup: Cameroon wins the prelude to Burkina Faso before the Africa Cup, the coronary regions have been stricted. At the starting game Burkina Faso lost the host cameroon - but had not available six players and the coach. © Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters Due to the Coronalage , the organizers of the Africa-Cup had exposed to the football tournament in Cameroon in December, but then decided to carry out. Now cameroon won the prelude to a substitute fueled Burkina Faso 2: 1 (2: 1).

  Quatre soldats français de l’opération « Barkhane » blessés dans une explosion au Burkina Faso © Copyright 2022, Obs

Four French soldiers were injured in Burkina Faso during the explosion of an improvised explosive machine (IED ) At the passage of their vehicle, in the north of the country, announced the French staff Tuesday, January 18, to the evening.

"The off-road vehicle exploded on an IED at the exit of the Ouahigouya airport," said the staff, stating that it was a "unit" Barkhane "on a recognition mission".

"The bad image of the French Army in Sahel promotes the recruitment of jihadists"

four soldiers were injured, including a seriously. "They were immediately evacuated to Gao," Mali. "Those who deserve it will be evacuated to France," continued the same source, without further details on their state of health.

Burkina Faso: Four French soldiers of the Barkhan Force injured

 Burkina Faso: Four French soldiers of the Barkhan Force injured The soldiers were injured after the passage of their vehicle on an explosive gear in the north of the country.

The zone is rather frequented by the jihadists of GSIM (or JNIM, jihadist nebula affiliated with Al-Qaida). But "it's a transit zone, we do not have a certainty" on the origin of the craft. The Sahel is also the prey of the Jihadists of the Eigs, linked to the Islamic State group.

Borders closed

The "Barkhane" antidjihadist force, presents since 2014 in Mali and whose mission is extended to the Sahel, is at the heart of major bilateral political issues, with the backdrop of the accusations of appeal by Mali to the services of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, as well as the reorganization of the French military presence in the country.

Mali at the Ban of the international community

last week, the junta in power in Bamako from the Putsch of August 2020 closed its borders to the countries of the Economic Community of West African States (Cédéao), After the organization did the same to sanction the military project to maintain power for several years without election.

Like its Malian and Nigerian neighbors, Burkina Faso has also been taken since 2015 in a spiral of violence attributed to jihadist armed groups, affiliated with Al-Qaida and the Islamic State Organization. The army struggles to contain the violence that has made more than 2,000 deaths in six years and compels more than 1.5 million people to flee their homes.

The head of the European diplomacy asks for the return to constitutional order in Burkina Faso .
© Reuters - Johanna Geron the head of the European diplomacy warned Wednesday, January 26 that "if the constitutional order is not restored" This would have "immediate consequences on our partnership with the country". No plenary session Finally, Wednesday, January 26, in Brussels between the Foreign Ministers of the G5 Sahel countries and the European Union because of the coup d'etat in Burkina Faso. But the ministers present spoke with the leader of the European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

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