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World: hot, black and delicious! The best apps for coffee lovers

iconic fingerfood! Baked onion rings with crispy panage: so easily you conjure the classic - with recipe for garlic dip

 iconic fingerfood! Baked onion rings with crispy panage: so easily you conjure the classic - with recipe for garlic dip If it goes to dinner in the evening, it does not always have to be a big meal - sometimes the soul just screams for a delicious salty snack, Feeding on the sofa easily and swiftly. And since it does not always have to be fries: Have you ever breaded, crispy onion rings yourself done? Most know this finger food only from the fast food booth - but also in the pan, the rings go very easily.

Germany loves coffee, on average, the pro-head consumption "Statista" data is to 168 liters per year. This makes him even water (164 liters) and beer (94.6 liters) behind. Sweet or unrested, black or with foam crown, Arabica or Robusta - the variety is great, as far as the preparation is concerned. These apps are for coffee connectors and those that want to be.

Von der richtigen Wassertemperatur bis zum Milchschaum: Einige Apps helfen bei der Zubereitung des perfekten Kaffees. © bongkarngraphic / from the right water temperature to the milk foam: some apps help with the preparation of the perfect coffee. Everything worth knowing

several apps are dedicated to the coffee knowledge, but there is only a larger collection in German: the app The retail chain Tchibo has an integrated coffee lexicon that collects the most important terms from A like finish to Z such as certification . "Tchibo" is available for free for Android and iOS , the only downpiration: The reference book is well hidden in the app, interested people have to click through "Further Services" to the lexicon.

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  Tasmania's hot weather and heatwaves explained Yes, it can get very hot in Tasmania – and to understand how such weather occurs, try imagining a big blob of air, writes meteorologist Luke Johnson.On our hottest days, Bass Strait acts like a buffer, decreasing the temperature about the north coast and usually, sea breezes don't have too much trouble reaching most Tasmanians to cool them down in the afternoon.

If you can not scare yourself from a language barrier, finds in apps like "Barista Coffee Dictionary A - Z" ( Android / iOS ), "Coffeemania - Coffee Recipes" ( Android ) or "Coffee Barista Dictionary Pro" ( Android ) in English the most important terms and everything worth knowing from the world of coffee.

The best preparation

apps dealing with the preparation of the coffee, there is a lot, including "Brew Timer: Make Great Coffee" ( Android ), "Cofi - Brew Timer ( Android ) or" Coffee. "( Android / iOS ). You all work similar, first select user the preparation method before making information about water and coffee. The apps also provide recommendations for the right grinding grade and the ideal water temperature, which Integrated timer specifies the ideal brewing time. Because many of the applications are preset in English, European users often need to switch to temperature and quantity units on the metric system.

Simple recipe with little carbohydrates: This fitness salad is perfect for dinner bread

 Simple recipe with little carbohydrates: This fitness salad is perfect for dinner bread © Provided by Berliner Kurier It's delicious. He is light. He is healthy. This super simple fitness salad will inspire you. You just need a bit of vegetables, delicious oil and a creamy cheese - the dinner is already on the table. Try it - you will be excited.

Coffee sources

no matter whether from a French Press, a mocha jug or as a filter coffee : For every preparation method, there is also a suitable coffee harvester. The largest selection offers the recipe collection of "Chef" : under the keyword coffee are more than 4. 000 Recipes, this features most of the coffee reincing apps in the shadows.

serves an espresso as the basis for the coffee beverage, worth a look at the "Espresso Coffee Guide" ( Android ). The app is simple and clear and kept at first glance the volume ratios of the ingredients as a diagram. Also in the apps "Tchibo", "Coffeely" ( Android / iOS ), "Coffee Recipes" ( Android ) or "Coffee Drinks" ( Android ) are recipes and inspiration for their own coffee preferences.

Foam art for beginners and advanced

Milk foam so tilt into the cup that creates small works of art, has become more and more trend in recent years. Hardly a Barista does not control at least the basics of the "Latte Art". Several apps are taking on foam bouncing: the app "Latte Art: Home Learning" ( Android ) clarifies over the basics and depends on the beginner to the professional. Anyone looking for only after inspiration for milk art can browse in the galleries of the lesser-known apps "Latte Art" ( Android ) or "Latte Art Design Ideas" ( Android ). The apps mentioned is common that they are available for free and without registration. Read

André Leon Talley, May You Rest Fabulously in Your Most Glorious Caftan

  André Leon Talley, May You Rest Fabulously in Your Most Glorious Caftan When André Leon Talley went to practice tennis, he did not, as he said in The September Issue (2009), do so in any old pair of shorts and tennis shirt, but in Damon Dash trousers and a Ralph Lauren shirt, with his wrist adorned by a vintage diamond Piaget watch from the 1960s. Slung around his neck was a Louis Vuitton scarf-meets-towel, along with a Vuitton-branded suite of hand luggage. By recommending he exercise three years previously, Vogue’s editor in chief Anna Wintour, or “Miss Wintour” as Talley called his then-boss, had “inaugurated” him into health, and had saved his life by doing so. “So naturally what Miss Wintour says, goes.

in the coffee grounds?

Something bizarre mutates the most popular coffee app by far, anyway, if it goes to the absolute download numbers. More than ten million people have already downloaded the app "Kaave" from Google's Playstore. It should read from the proverbial coffee grounds and predict the future from a sent coffee set photo. According to a counter on the "Kaave" Homepage this was already used 1.5 billion times, half a million users use the app every day. "Kaave" is free for Android and iOS , but can only be used after creating an account. There is no German voice output.

light and delicious: Tomato soup with naan .
The exam phase is on and in the kitchen it has to go fast. This is this tomato soup with Naan exactly the right thing. © Zeitjung This recipe became the loyal companion of my girlfriends and me last year. We met for cooking during the lunch break of an zoom seminar. So it had to go fast. That was the birth of our tomato soup. In the following weeks - in the examination phase - we cooked them almost every day. The tomato soup is easy and fast to make and is still healthy.

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