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World: The ICRC victim of a threatening cyberattack data of more than 500,000 people

Ransomware attack locks down US prison

  Ransomware attack locks down US prison A ransomware attack locked down a US jail, knocking out security cameras and leaving inmates confined to their cells, court documents show. Cyber attackers hacked into the computer system that controls servers and internet access at the prison in Bernalillo County, New Mexico last week. For a short time, the jail's automatic door system was knocked out, meaning staff at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) had to manually unlock each cell when detainees needed to get out for exercise or recreation."The lack of camera coverage... creates a significant security concern for the safety of staff and inmates during out of cell time," a court filing from January 6 says.

Victime d’une cyberattaque, le directeur général de la Croix-Rouge implore les auteurs de l'attaque de ne pas vendre ou de partager de quelque manière que ce soit les données des personnes vulnérables concernées. © Reuters / Kacper Pempel / Illustration Victim of a cyberattack, the Director General of the Red Cross implores the authors of the attack. not sell or share in any way the data of the vulnerable people concerned.

It is a certain cyber attack, not so much by its nature, but by its target: the ICRC, the International Committee of the Red Cross. He announced that he was the victim of a vast computer hacking. Pirates seized data of more than 515,000 vulnerable people.

with our correspondent in Geneva, Jeremia Lanche

Video: The ICRC Victim of a Cyerrattaker Threatening Vulnerable Persons Data (Euronews)

Among those whose data has been hacked are migrants Victims of conflict, disaster and prisoners in about sixty countries. If their names and their information found themselves between bad hands, these people and their families could end up even more threatened, including the regimes they try to flee.

Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end?

  Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end? The failure of the United States and Russia this week to find a diplomatic solution to fizzing tensions over Eastern European security has increased the chance of a new Russian attack on Ukraine even if full-scale war is far from inevitable, analysts say. - Even if Russia opted for military action, it may not come down to a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Putin could look to responses such as deploying Russian missiles in the separatist-controlled Donbass region of eastern Ukraine or Crimea, according to the prominent Russian security analyst Maxim Suchkov.

The general manager of the Red Cross , Robert Mardini, implore the authors of the attack not to sell or share in any way the data. The ICRC does not know which is at the origin of the attack, or even if the hackers deliberately targeted the Red Cross or if the organization is a collateral victim of the attack which aimed an external service provider responsible for storing ICRC data.

In the meantime, the organization has suspended any access to data that has been compromised and it declares itself ready to engage in anonymous way with Hackers .

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The Polish cries agnieszka, new victim of the laws against the abortion in Poland have made a new victim: a woman died at the hospital following a septicemia. His family points to the institution's responsibility, while she was twin pregnant, who died be.
She was called Agnieszka, she was 37 years old. Died on January 25, it is a new victim of the restrictive laws on the IVG adopted in Poland . "Poland kills women", it is the words that protesters have brandished in Katowice: according to The Guardian , Agnieszka was twin pregnant and began his first trimester of pregnancy when he arrived at the Częstochowa Hospital on December 21st. .

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