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World: E cars: VW works with Bosch in Salzgitter and Stuttgart on production systems for battery cells

Land promotes e-mobility: Hermann expects high demand

 Land promotes e-mobility: Hermann expects high demand Baden-Württemberg's Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) calculates after a rather subordinate start of his funding program for e-mobility with a rain demand in the current year. For the "BW-E-Solar voucher" of the country, according to the Ministry since the start on December 1, 2021 has been submitted to 200 applications. "I am very happy with it.

Volkswagen wants to become independent of the transformation to an e-auto manufacturer independent of Far East. Most of the battery cell manufacturers are sitting in China and South Korea. Industry giants such as Catl and LG Chem have an overwhelming market power. In March 2021, in the context of his "Power Day", VW publicly made a step to this goal: by 2027 alone in Europe, six new cell factories should be created according to the role model of Teslas "Gigafactories" in which the batteries are to be produced for almost all electrical group models .

One of these factories is the engine mill in the Lower Saxony Salzgitter, which is currently extended and modernized. It should produce cells with a storage capacity of 40 gigawatt hours (GWH) like the other VW battery factories per year. Originally, VW for Salzgitter had an annual production of 10 GWh in mind, in the course of cooperation with the Swedish battery producer Northvolt, this value was increased to 40 GWh.

Lack of air conditioning in Roebourne prison cells could breach human rights, says Aboriginal legal service

  Lack of air conditioning in Roebourne prison cells could breach human rights, says Aboriginal legal service The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia says the lack of air conditioning at Roebourne prison could breach international human rights conventions and it is considering a formal complaint. Prisoners at Roebourne Regional Prison have been asking for air conditioning to be installed in all cells since 2015.A report by the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services released in 2020 recommended the government implement effective climate control in all residential units at the prison.This recommendation has not been followed.Last week Roebourne reached 50.5 degrees Celsius.

Volkswagen builds the work in Salzgitter but alone by

The cooperation with Northvolt was finished again at the location after just a few months. According to intragroup information published by the "Wirtschaftswoche" in March, the second largest car maker in the world was not satisfied with the pace of the Scandinavian partner. The construction of the factory is just dragging. According to Volkswagen, Northvolt was too busy with the establishment of his own cell factory in northern Sweden and has been overwhelmed with both projects. The Swedes should focus on their own work, while VW takes the construction of Salzgitter himself in hand. 2025 The production should be included there.

Even if Northvolt has withdrawn from Salzgitter, the partnership with Volkswagen continues. The Wolfsburgs are still relying great hopes in the company in which they invested another 500 million euros in June. The young Swedish company is intended to produce high performance cells for the Group for whose premium models. These are to be used especially at Porsche and Audi.

Stellantis boss weathered EU

 Stellantis boss weathered EU Electric Car Strategy The head of the AutoConzer Stellantis has sharply criticized the EU's electric car strategy. The political specifications had no creative freedom to produce manufacturers to introduce other ideas, Tavares explained in a "Handelsblatt" interview (Wednesday). © Carlos OSORIO / AP / DPA Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares practices criticism of the EU strategy when switching to electric vehicles.

VW and Bosch found a common project house

VW has now apparently found another partner. On Tuesday, Thomas Schmall, the technical board of the VW Group and Rolf Noyork, have signed a Member of the Bosch Management, a letter of intent.

The automaker has launched a so-called project house with the Süddeutsche Technology Group and the world's largest supplier. It should develop and offer production systems for batteries, as well as other companies in the construction and scaling of production under their arms. VW probably not only himself, but also his competitors, as well as specialized battery producers in view. Daimler and Stellantis would like to produce their cells in Europe, for example, in the future.

Other manufacturers could become customers

from the project house, whose investment in the companies involved still proceeds, could become a joint venture from the end of the year. The need is huge. By the end of the decade, cell factories should be raised with a combined annual production of about 700 GWh in Europe alone. "We are working to build a fully localized European supply chain for e-mobility" Made in Europe "- a historical opportunity in the economic history," Thomas Schmall is quoted in a VW press release.

Plug Power Share on the stock market asked: The History of the Hydrogen Group

 Plug Power Share on the stock market asked: The History of the Hydrogen Group Plug Power is one of the BIG players in the hydrogen sector. But which company hides at all behind the successful Plug Power share? © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Plug Power Developed and produces Hydrogen fuel cell systems • The company became known through the innovative Gendrive system • in 2017 acquired Amazon 50 ordinary shares Plug Power: A company on the road to success The US Group Plug Power is one of the few companies that have been operating in the

According to the WirtschaftsWoche , Salzgitter will play a major role in the Community project of the two German industrial gods. According to information from the medium, 40 employees should work on both sides - at a Bosch site in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and in the environment of the Lower Saxon VW plant in the upheavals. The employees should switch between the two localities and thus ensure a personal exchange between the corporations. Until further notice, Bosch and Volkswagen want to finance the project for twelve months.

Volkswagen Wolfsburg © Ronny Hartmann / AFP Via Getty Images Volkswagen Wolfsburg

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi wants to set E cars to 5 platforms .
Electro-Micra by Nissan On the platform of the Renault 5 confirmed The Allianz Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi presents a common timetable for electrification by the year 2030. had insiders compared to Reuters already reveal some key points . These include the new electro-micra, the five platforms for electric vehicles and the desired production capacity for batteries of 220 gigawatt hours. But there are some deviations and new announcements.

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