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World: slight recoil of homicides in Mexico, always undermined by Violence

The United States returns to the horror of the "killer of February 9"

 The United States returns to the horror of the A man was extradited from Mexico to Utah, where he is charged for murders. The authorities accuse him of killing two women, two years apart, the same day of February 9, at the end of the 2000s. © Dr. Juan Arreola-Murrillo was extradited from Mexico to Utah where he is charged for murders. This 41-year-old today's man is accused of killing two women in 2006 and 2008 at exactly two years apart.

  Léger recul des homicides au Mexique, toujours miné par la violence © AFP / Archives

L E Mexico recorded a slight decline of 3.6% of homicides perpetrated on its soil compared to the 2019 and 2020 records , while remaining one of the most dangerous countries in the world with an average of 91.25 murders a day.

Violence does not strike with the same intensity all the points of the territory of this immense country of nearly two million square kilometers, the most visited seventh in the world with its beaches and 35 cultural sites registered at the UNESCO .

"Six states out of 32 concentrate 50% of the victims of homicides," said the Minister of Public Safety, Rosa Icela Rodríguez at a press conference.

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This is the state of Mexico - on the outskirts of the capital - and Guanajuato (center), California bass and Chihuaha (North) along the border with the United States , and D Other rotating plates of drug trafficking like Jalisco and Michoacan (West).

Two tourists killed in October

a record of 34,690 homicides had been recorded in 2019, followed by 34,554 in 2020, a year of reduction of social activities in the wake of the pandemic. In 2021, the number fell to 33,308.

Despite violence, Mexico (128 million) received 45 million visitors in 2019, according to the World Tourism Organization.

The country has maintained its open borders during the pandemic to support this sector. In 2021, the violence touched sporadically the seaside resort of Tulum on the Gulf of Mexico where a German and an Indian were killed at the end of October, and Cancun, where a shootout burst on the beach of a luxury hotel.

Seditious Conspiracy Was the Right Charge for the January 6 Organizers

  Seditious Conspiracy Was the Right Charge for the January 6 Organizers The possibility that prosecutors might abuse the charge in the future is hardly a reason to shrink from it now, when it is most applicable. Video: House lawmakers share stories from Jan. 6: 'It was an effort to breakdown our institution' (NBC News) Your browser does not support this video To be clear, seditious conspiracy is relevant for only a small subset of the people who entered the Capitol on January 6. The offense requires a conspiracy—a prior agreement to commit particular offenses; it does not encompass people who simply made impulsive decisions in the heat of the moment.

Other very tourist regions are considered relatively safe, such as the colonial city of Puebla or the State of Oaxaca (South-West).

The state of Zacatecas (center) has vice versa experienced a rise in violence in 2021. Ten bodies have yet been found in early January in a truck garage near the headquarters of the governorate.

"There are clash between groups and it is of course a provocation," reacted the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who sent safe reinforcements on the end of 2021.

Zacatecas would be a ground of Confronting between two of the main cartels of Narcotrafic, Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

Juarez at the top of the femicides

presented by foreign media as the World Capital of Female, Ciudad Juarez remains at the top of the statistics with 16 women killed in 2021, according to the government.

A hundred activists protested Thursday evening against the assassination of two lesbians found Sunday cut into pieces in this border town in front of El Paso (Texas).

Hundreds of migrants demonstrated at Mexico

 Hundreds of migrants demonstrated at Mexico victims of extortion or kidnapping, they ask the authorities to be able to transit for free to Mexico to travel to the United States. View on euronews © photo they were hundreds to mobilize at tapachula in southern Mexico. These migrants require that the authorities allow them to transit freely by the country so that they can go to the United States. They warned that they would launch the first Caravan of 2022 migrants if they did not have an immediate government response.

A total of 3,427 women were murdered on the first eleven months of the year 2021 in Mexico, had reported the government on December 25.

"The flight on passers-by, in public and individual transport, extortion and rapes are offenses that have increased. We need to improve work and outcomes," recognizes the Safe Obradron Manager.

The history of violence in Mexico is old. Some 340,000 people have been killed since 2006, when the former President Felipe Calderon said a "total war" in narcotrafic.

Mexico also has more than 95,000 missing, according to the official figures of the National Research Commission.

"We can not talk about lower levels of violence when we have more than 50,000 missing, with the probability that many are dead and buried in a common pit", commented Francisco Rivas, the NGO National Citizen.

Since his arrival in December 2018, President Lopez Obrador has claimed to break with the repressive strategy against the organized crime of his predecessors, preferring him to the slogan "Abrazos, No Balazos" ("braces, not shooting"). One of his relatives counselors even suggests a dialogue with narcofickers.

According to the Global Peace Index, a ranking that ranks the countries of the world according to their degree of pacifism, "the state of peace" in Mexico is "weak". The country occupied in 2021 the 140th place on 163, behind the Palestinian territories or Ethiopia.

21/01/2022 05:33:21 - Mexico (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

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