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World: Yemen: More than 100 victims in a typing against a prison held by the rebels

Yemen’s Houthis reject UN call to free UAE-flagged ship

  Yemen’s Houthis reject UN call to free UAE-flagged ship Houthi rebels say the Rwabee was carrying military equipment, accusing the UN of siding with ‘murderers’.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has described the Rwabee as a “civilian cargo vessel” that was leased by a Saudi company and had been in international waters carrying equipment to be used at a field hospital.

  Yémen: plus de 100 victimes dans une frappe contre une prison tenue par les rebelles © Ansarullah Media Center / AFP

P Lus 100 people were killed or injured on Friday in an air strike against a Saada prison, the fief Houthis rebels in northern Yemen , testifying to a strong escalation of violence in this country for seven years.

"There are more than 100 dead and injured, and this increases," said Bachir Omar, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yemen, citing the hospital record after this attack committed in the Night, which has not been claimed in the immediate future. A horrible act, according to the NGO doctors without borders (MSF).

Always in the night, the coalition led by the Saudi Arabia , which has been involved in Yemen since 2015 to support the government, hit the port city of Hodeida (West), also in the hands of the rebels. No balance sheet was available immediately for this attack, but it caused an internet breakdown throughout the country.

Decade after Norway massacre, Breivik seeks parole

  Decade after Norway massacre, Breivik seeks parole Just 10 years after carrying out the deadliest peacetime attack in Norway, right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik will on Tuesday ask a court for parole, a request widely expected to be denied. Few in Norway question Breivik's right to seek parole after just 10 years, largely because it is widely expected to be denied. © Jonathan NACKSTRAND Most of Breivik's victims were teenagers attending a summer camp on Utoya island for the Labour Party's youth wing But the families of his victims, who fear he will use the hearing as a stage to air his political views, are calling for him to be deprived of the attention he is seeking.

It is by Hodeidah that the majority of the humanitarian aid is passed on, a vital stake in the war in Yemen which opposes the Houthis, supported by the

Iran Shiite, to the forces of the Yemeni government supported by the Coalition of Sunni Saudi Arabia.

The rebels broadcast a video showing macabre scenes presented as the consequences of the air strike against Saada Prison, with bombed buildings, rescuers clearing the bodies of rubble and mutilated corpses nearby.

"of what I heard from colleagues in Saada, there are many bodies on the strike site, and many missing", indicated in a statement Ahmed Mahat, the head of the mission of Doctors without borders in Yemen.

The hospital of the city has so far hosted some 200 wounded and says it could no longer welcome, according to him.

Syria. The Islamic State attacks a prison, jihadists released

 Syria. The Islamic State attacks a prison, jihadists released © Stringer / Archives Reuters A soldier of the Islamic state, in Syria, in 2014. Photo of illustration. Daesh launched this Thursday, January 20, 2022 an attack on Ghwayran Prison, located in the north-east of Syria. Jihadists were able to escape. The Group Islamic State launched this Thursday 20 January 2022 an assault against a prison controlled by the Kurdish forces in the north-east of the Syria , releasing an indeterminate number of jihadists.

The attack was not claimed but the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia regularly strikes the territories held by the insurgents.

Right to defend themselves

These strikes intervene five days after the claim by the rebels of an attack on the drone and the missile that struck oil and airport facilities in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates

, killing three people and by hurting six. The Emirates are members of the Saudi Arabia coalition. In New York, the members of the Security Council must meet at 15:00 GMT in an emergency session on the attacks of the Houthis against the Emirates, at the express request of that country, a non-permanent member of the Council since January 1.

For its part, the Saudi press agency stated that the coalition had carried out "targeted air strikes to destroy the action capacities of the Houthie militia", and aimed at a "hub of piracy and organized crime ".

Yemen: At least 70 deaths in a typing against a prison held by the rebels

 Yemen: At least 70 deaths in a typing against a prison held by the rebels The attack was not claimed but the houthis accused the military coalition under Saudi Commanding since 2015 in the country. © provided by FranceInfo A new human drama in the war in Yemen. At least 70 people were killed and 138 wounded on Friday 21 January, in an air strike against a prison in Saada, Fief of the Houthis rebels, in the north of the country, according to the NGO doctors without borders.

For their part, the Houthis indicated that people had been killed in these strikes, but their statement could not be confirmed immediately. A correspondent of the


in Hodeidah described a large attack. The NetBlock Organization, specializing in the surveillance of the Internet around the world, has reported a "collapse of Internet connections in the country" after bombing. AFP correspondents in Hodeidah and Sanaa confirmed the failure.

This climbing occurs after the Houthis rebels hijacked on January 3rd January a vessel flying flag of the United Arab Emirates at the Red Sea. The coalition then warned that it would bomb the ports held by the rebels.

The Presidential Council of the United Arab Emirates, Anwar Gargash, warned that his country would exercise his right to defend himself after Abu Dhabi's attack, in a statement to the US Special Envoy, Hans Grundberg, according to the agency. WAM official press.

21/01/2022 15:00:00 - Saada (Yemen) (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

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