World: Burkina: Incidents in Ouagadougou after a prohibition of manifest

Burkina Faso: Four French soldiers of the Barkhan Force injured

 Burkina Faso: Four French soldiers of the Barkhan Force injured The soldiers were injured after the passage of their vehicle on an explosive gear in the north of the country.

Des policiers tirent des gaz lacrymogènes sur des manifestants, le 27 novembre 2021 à Ouagadougou, au Burkina Faso © Olympia of police officers draw tear gas on protesters, November 27, 2021 in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso incidents erupted Saturday in Ouagadougou between the forces of The order and demonstrators who braved the prohibition of gathering to protest against insecurity in Burkina Faso prey to jihadist violence, has noted a reporter from AFP.

The anti-riot police scattered protesters with tear gas, then a race pursuit engaged in the streets of the city center of the capital Burkinabè where you could also see young people circulating with motorcycle harassing the police men.

Fortune barricades made of wooden boards, stones and inflamed tires, were drawn up in several places.

Mali calls into question the defense and military cooperation agreement with France

 Mali calls into question the defense and military cooperation agreement with France © AFP via Getty Images - Michele Cattani Troop transport vehicles of Operation Barkhane, Burkina Faso, November 2019. The Prime Minister of the Malian transition recently stated that the clauses of this agreement signed in 2014 will be reviewed. With our special envoy to Bamako, Franck Alexander at the end of December, the French authorities were officially seized to renegotiate the defense agreements that bind the two countries.

A chain journalist in the heart of Africa (LCA), a private television, was injured in the left arm after receiving a projectile, and evacuated to a hospital in Ouagadougou, AFP said a member of the Red Cross.

"The power is at the abois", says a protester, Ahmed Soulama. "He refuses to understand the pain of the people who face each day at attacks that bend the families" and "instead of supervising this march and to hear our cry of heart, here they are gases we are Jette, "he adds.

The manifestation against "the inability" of power to prevent jihadist attacks, with the call of the movement of civil society save Burkina, was prohibited for "security reasons" by the Town Hall of Ouagadougou.

Save Burkina was originally, on November 27, a previous demonstration also forbidden, which had made a dozen wounded in clashes between protesters and police.

The town hall also prohibited another gathering of support for Mali, targeted by reinforced sanctions by its West African neighbors.

Burkina Faso has since been made since 2015 in a spiral of violence attributed to jihadist armed groups, affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group. Attacks that target civilian and military are becoming more frequent and mostly concentrated in the north and east of the country.

Sometimes mixed with intercommunity clashes, they have been more than 2,000 dead since six years and forced 1.5 million people to flee their homes.


The head of the European diplomacy asks for the return to constitutional order in Burkina Faso .
© Reuters - Johanna Geron the head of the European diplomacy warned Wednesday, January 26 that "if the constitutional order is not restored" This would have "immediate consequences on our partnership with the country". No plenary session Finally, Wednesday, January 26, in Brussels between the Foreign Ministers of the G5 Sahel countries and the European Union because of the coup d'etat in Burkina Faso. But the ministers present spoke with the leader of the European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

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