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World: virologist Radest warns of Deltakron: "Everything but certainly"

Presidential 2022: The great rabbi of France opposed to the far right as at the far left

 Presidential 2022: The great rabbi of France opposed to the far right as at the far left haim Corsia estimates that Eric Zemmour is "Antisemitis certainly, racist obviously" © Kamil Zihnioglu / AP / Sipa the Great Rabbi Haim Korsia.

Omikron - as the name of the new virus variant for the first time popped up in November, there was uncertainty. But the more people infect, the more insights there is about Omikron, for some time, it is also the dominant variant in Germany. Some experts should be sure if they could be the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Will Corona soon endemic with Omikron, so does not make a bigger threat to the health system?

Der Virologe Christian Drosten (hier am 14. Januar in der Bundespressekonferenz zur aktuellen Corona-Lage) warnt: Es sei keinesfalls sicher, dass Omikron im abgemilderten Zustand bleiben wird. © Picture Alliance / DPA The virologist Christian Drosten (here on January 14 in the Federal Press Conference on the current corona situation) warns: It is by no means sure that Omikron will remain in the mitigated state. Anyway,

virologist Christian Radest is more skeptical and warns in an interview: It is by no means sure that Omikron will remain in this mitigated state.

Winter wave warning for COVID-19

  Winter wave warning for COVID-19 Australia's chief medical officer has warned of another spike in COVID-19 cases over winter as the country hovers near the peak of the current wave.Professor Paul Kelly said winter is likely to bring a new spike in cases and potentially new variants of the virus, along with annual infections such as the flu.

For many, Omikron is a hopefound, in the medium term, some experts from some relaxation through this virus variant go out. The hypothesis: Through omikron, an endemic situation could move closer, the high transferability of the virus could cause the population to achieve higher immunization faster. In the best case, the military courses would ensure that the health system is relieved.

Virologist Riding Before recombination from Omikron and Delta

, the severity of the disease - measured at the proportion of Corona , which must be in the hospital - is by 20 to 45 percent after data of imperial college at Omikron compared to delta.

But there are still many but in this bill. And one comes from the virologen Christian Drost . He pointed out in an interview with "Deutschlandfunk" that Omikron could evolve - from a mild to a more ill variant. His fear: a recombination from Omikron and Delta, so to a certain extent a "DeltaKron" mutant.

Münchener Derby: Köllner wants to stay number 2 of the city, without "oil source"

 Münchener Derby: Köllner wants to stay number 2 of the city, without after the cup-out is in front of the Munich Derby: For 1860 it goes directly after the disappointment during the week, against the city's citytrival Turkgücü Munich. There, the lions won a year ago. © Imago Images / Sven Simon wants to prove itself with 1860 in Munich: Michael Köllner. 1860 wants to assert himself against TurkGücü a lot of time for breathing and reflection remains the lion after the cup-out against Karlsruhe on Wednesday (0: 1).

Road declares that it is conceivable that in the future a virus aroused, which combines the properties of both variants. So, which "carries the spike protein of the omikron virus to continue to enjoy this immune part, but has the rest of the genome of the delta virus," said. From "both worlds" the strongest properties could come together. "There's something that has been described, that's already described, you have to fear that this could happen that something like that could happen."

virologist Christian Drost makes clear: "This is a troubles"

Reading warned against the strategy that all warned Infect with the milder omikron variant and then all may be immune. "That's a troubles," makes you clear. "It could be that those who still have no immunity could be infected with this omikron virus, as it is now at the moment, without geting a very serious course, but it could also be within A few weeks suddenly an omikron virus variant is there, which again brings a higher virulence, a higher illicitary effect. "

Queensland records another 10 deaths from COVID-19, outbreak peak 'could be a few days' away, CHO says

  Queensland records another 10 deaths from COVID-19, outbreak peak 'could be a few days' away, CHO says Queensland records 10 new COVID-19 deaths and has 884 people in hospital being treated for symptoms, with international borders now open for fully vaccinated travellers to come to into the state without having to quarantine. They instead need to take a rapid antigen test within 24 hours of arrival.The first international flight into Brisbane landed after 9:00am.Queensland Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said easing quarantine requirements for international travel would help to strengthen the state's economy.

should occur such a" Deltakron "or other omikron virus variant, would not have any immune protection, which are not vaccinated at all , so outside. "It's anything but sure that the omikron virus is like it is now, in this somewhat mapped condition will remain. This is at the moment a very shaky situation. "

Route does not consider it certainly for sure that the delta variant is completely displaced. "And when Omikron does not displace delta virus there now, it does not necessarily have to come back the Delta virus in the next winter." Then two variants would circulate and you would have to be careful that the vaccine covers both types.

virologist Christian Road: Share of Unvaccinated "A Real Problem"

Drosting assumes that in a longer period of view, if all a basic immunization and saddled further infections had passed through, it was indisputable that we would once again get a heavy variant. "The disease, not virus." There must be distinguished: "The disease will become milder. At the moment is still a lot of game evolutionary coincidence at the moment. And there are possibilities in both directions that it becomes harder again or that it evenes it even further. "

Road once again explained that it was" a real problem "that some people in Germany reject a vaccine. As a result, Germany would at least prevent the world's population from immunizing more or less at the same time, the virologist explains. Although a population immunity can be built without vaccinations - but that has its price. "The question is just what that costs - in the form of deaths in populations that are relatively old."

Locking down homes, Hong Kong takes COVID lesson from Beijing .
Residents in the city prevented from leaving apartments as authorities race to halt spread of Omicron.At Kwai Chung Estate, the site of a growing Omicron outbreak, authorities have placed three blocks under lockdown for five to seven days. On Thursday, the city, which has adopted a strict “zero COVID” policy to align with mainland China, reported a daily record of 164 cases.

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