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World: Jungle Camp, Day 2: Anaususchka gets four stars, Jasmin talks about Willi Men's, Linda and Janina have to test

Ashes LIVE: Updates, scores, highlights - Australia and England in the fifth Ashes Test at Hobart's Bellerive Oval

  Ashes LIVE: Updates, scores, highlights - Australia and England in the fifth Ashes Test at Hobart's Bellerive Oval Australia will attempt to shut out England in the Ashes series as the fifth Test begins at Hobart's Bellerive Oval.Read back our live blog from today's action at Bellerive Oval.

after a memorable first episode of the 15th jungle camp season was on Saturday evening the second episode of "I am a star - Get me out here ". They started - because apparently now also DSDs may overdraw - only at 22.30 clock and should also pass again after midnight. There were some confessions as the first candidate chosen by the spectators had to compete for the Berlin actress Anaususchka Renzi to the jungle camp.

  Dschungelcamp, Tag 2: Anouschka holt vier Sterne, Jasmin spricht über Willi Herren, Linda und Janina müssen in die Prüfung © Provided by Berliner Kurier

It will probably have been for the foreseeable future that Anaususchka Renzi was elected to the jungle test, because the 57-year-old was far too good - and at one of the most dreadful tests of all time. Because she was lowered into "Aqueelium". There she had to try to get hold of crocodiles, toads, snakes, crabs and frogs eleven stars and made a good figure. After all, four stars there was a difficult exam. "I tried everything, but more just did not go," said Anaususchka Renzi. We at the courier are in any case respect.

League of women's champions. Already 50,000 tickets sold for FC Barcelona - Real Madrid at Camp Nou

 League of women's champions. Already 50,000 tickets sold for FC Barcelona - Real Madrid at Camp Nou © AFP Jennifer Hermoso will challenge Real Madrid Female at Camp Nou. FC Barcelona announced that 50,000 tickets had already gone for the first female classico organized at Camp Nou on March 30. Places have been on sale for only four days. The success is already at the rendezvous.

Let's call him the tick fever Zoff. At some point in the middle of the usual jungle camper boredom, Filip then wanted to get out of his hammock and streamed a renewed bed swap. But he obviously did the bill without Janina Youssefian.

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because they had no desire to clear their least uncomfortable sleeping place. Their reason: "I have tick fever." In fact, in the morning she was apparently bitten by a tick. But she was removed. According to Daniel Hartwich, Dr. Bob also only diagnosed a sunburn.

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But that did not seem to know Janina just as well as the arguments of Filip. Instead of listening to him and to discuss with him, she preferred her ears.

Scientologies Frightening influence in Hollywood

 Scientologies Frightening influence in Hollywood now! The jungle camp is also not over at the current corona problem. One of the camper has caught it: just Lucas Cordalis, who was looking forward to the extreme situation, how hardly a second, was positive. Even if the man of Daniela Katzenberger has no symptoms, of course, he must not move into the camp of gray. © Provided by Berliner Kurier Also read: Mega Announcement by Jasmin Gentlemen Before the Jungle Camp: "I have been silent for too long!" >> The 54-year-olds go well, part RTL with.

Before Anouschka Renzi approached the jungle tests, she was once again massaging his back from the Franconian Bodyguard Peter Althof. But he was just as if he wanted to soften a tender without furnace. Anaususchka summed up: He does not do it esoteric, but you'll be awake for an hour. That's exactly what it looked like.

That was already hard Tobak, the Jasmin gentlemen left there. It is known now: The relationship between Jasmine and parts of Willi Men's family was not exactly the best. Since the death of the entertainer, poison arrows have always fly back and forth. Again and again, both sides of the lie - and is safe. Only one page can be right.

Well, in the jungle camp, Jasmin Men had once again the chance to tell her story . After she told her campaemers from the Willi Men's commemoration show, and reported extra a musical farewell letter written to have written, also revealed that she and Willi had never been separated.

NT Police arrest two of three escaped prisoners from Barkly Work Camp

  NT Police arrest two of three escaped prisoners from Barkly Work Camp After five days on the run, two men who cut their electronic ankle bracelets and escaped a Tennant Creek work camp have been arrested by NT Police. A third prisoner is still on the run.Police said three men — Richard Henwood, 37, Maximus Cutta, 20, and Ezra Austral, 23 — managed to remove their electronic ankle bracelets and flee the prison work camp near Tennant Creek between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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"We have lied. There have been some things. I was threatened in my own apartment. My husband was at the time in another TV format, "says Jasmin Men, and should have played on" celebrities under palm trees ". "There were always people who have tried to take us apart because I was supposed to blame that Willi takes any substances. I then called the police several times. "

There were even personal injuries, says Jasmin. Several persons would have beaten them, the background do not understand them until today. To put an end to an end, she had an idea: "Go to the divorce attorney, take it, then think we are separated. Then we open the rice cutting ride and hust up. Let us alive - we have always said. "Uff ...

Nobody is really true. It goes off to the disgusting house with plenty of animals and abundant in mind. Some have already failed at this task. Now you can try after the audience voting Linda and Janina.

The jungle camp that actually "I'm a star - brings me out here" is currently coming every day at 22.15 clock at RTL.

Klimacatastrophe: Roland Emmerich is again a Hollywood thriller .
2004 made Hollywood Director Roland Emmerich the earth ever down. He simply turned global warming. In "The Day After Tomorrow" the Gulf Stream came to a standstill - and a new ice age took over the whole world. New Delhi sank in the snow, Los Angeles was created by tremendous Tornado's superstorms over North America, Northern Europe and Russia at lightning fast three-digit minus temperatures arise. Now Emmerich is back in the catastrophine business.

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