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World: IS prison break in Syria sparks days of clashes

Israel: Benyamin Netanyahu lawyers do everything to avoid the prison

 Israel: Benyamin Netanyahu lawyers do everything to avoid the prison © Reuters - Amir Cohen Avoid Farm Prison, it is now the stake for Benyamin Netanyahu. in Israel, the lawyers of former Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu negotiate an agreement that would put an end to his trial to last for years. The former head of the government would recognize some of the facts that are reproached for it to soften the sentence that the Tribunal will inflict.

Intense fighting is taking place in north-eastern Syria after Islamic State (IS) fighters tried to break inmates out of a Kurdish-run prison.

Fighting has been taking place in Hasaka since Thursday, prompting residents to flee © EPA Fighting has been taking place in Hasaka since Thursday, prompting residents to flee

Kurdish-led forces backed by US air strikes have been battling militants in the city of Hasaka since Thursday.

The assault on Ghwayran prison is one of the group's most ambitious since its defeat in Syria nearly three years ago.

The overcrowded site houses 3,500 suspected IS members including some of its leaders, a monitoring group says.

Hundreds of jihadists have been recaptured since the breakout but some are still on the run, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Leung released from prison

  Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Leung released from prison Edward Leung, who coined the now-banned slogan ‘Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our Times’, spent four years in jail.Leung was a prominent independence activist and the spokesperson for Hong Kong Indigenous, a pro-independence group in the city that was outspoken about “localism” and the need to preserve a distinct Hong Kong identity.

Kurdish security forces have surrounded the prison and are fighting for control of nearby neighbourhoods. Residents have been fleeing their homes.

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The Syrian Observatory says at least 28 Kurdish security forces have been killed, along with five civilians and 58 IS members.

Meanwhile IS claimed in a video on 22 January that many of its members had been freed in the attack on the prison. The footage also appeared to show the militants holding a number of hostages.

'A reminder the group is still a threat'

By Quentin Sommerville, BBC Middle East Correspondent

Islamic State group members - and their wives - have predicted for years exactly this scenario. A mass prison break in Syria.

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In a prison interview with British jihadists, El Shafee ElSheikh and Alexanda Kotey, members of the so-called Beatles, the two men fantasised about being released from jail by a rubbish truck filled with explosives.

Instead, in the latest attack in north-eastern Syria, IS may have used an oil tanker to breach the jail. It is not the first time IS has attempted a breakout in the region; the last was in Derik in 2019. US airpower was used to bring it to an end. That may not be an option this time as IS has taken hostages.

British and other European jihadists were held in this prison.

In visits to detention camps across the region, the wives of IS fighters would say they expected to be reunited with their husbands, who they said would break free from prison.

IS grew out of a "Breaking the Walls" campaign of prison breaks in Iraq in 2012. That campaign is a foundational touchstone for the group, seen as a turning point in its fortunes.

Tunisia president says freedoms 'guaranteed'

  Tunisia president says freedoms 'guaranteed' Tunisian President Kais Saied assured Thursday that the country's freedoms are "guaranteed" after rights groups warned of a threat signalled by the violent suppression of an anti-Saied protest. "It is clear that freedoms are threatened and face an imminent peril," Yassine Jelassi, head of the Tunisian National Journalists' Union (SNJT), told a press conference organised by 21 human rights groups on Tuesday. The following day, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) voiced concern that the "gains of the revolution" could be diluted and expressed fears of an "authoritarian turn" in the North African country.

The Hasaka prison break is unlikely to have the same effect, IS is much diminished in the region, but this latest attempt is a reminder that the group is still a threat and can carry out ambitious attacks.

The Pentagon has confirmed the US-led coalition carried out air strikes.

State Department spokesman Ned Price praised the "capable efforts" of the SDF and said IS had been attempting to release militants from the prison for the past year.

Local elders told Reuters news agency that support for IS had grown in the region amid discontent among the Arab population with the Kurdish-led administration, which they accuse of discrimination. The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces deny this.

Thousands of IS fighters from more than 50 countries are being held in Kurdish-run prisons in north-eastern Syria.

Tajikistan says two dead after clashes with Kyrgyzstan .
Tajikistan said Friday that two of its citizens were killed and 10 injured during overnight clashes at its contested border with Kyrgyzstan, where a ceasefire is now in place. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan said they had reached a ceasefire early Friday following the latest lethal flare up at the pair's contested border. The violence that broke out Thursday evening was the bloodiest escalation between the countries since clashes that killed dozens last year.The Kyrgyz and Tajik frontier communities regularly clash over land and water supplies, with border guards often involved.

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