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World: BFC new entrance Sebstian Hertner: I'm full of Bock on Dynamo!

Jean-Jacques Beineix, Filmmate Filmhouse of the 1980s, died

 Jean-Jacques Beineix, Filmmate Filmhouse of the 1980s, died © AFP, Olivier Laban-Mattei The filmmaker Jean-Jacques Beineix, here in April 2008. Jean-Jacques Beinex, the director of "Diva", " 37 ° 2 In the morning "and" the moon in the gutter "died Thursday, January 13, 2022, at the age of 75. At the time, his films had dusted cinema. We must remember today. In the 1980s, Jean-Jacques Beineix brought a new wind on the screens of French cinema. 1981, Diva. 1983, the moon in the gutter. 1985, 37 ° 2.

Since the clear signal is to the league. Regionalliga top rider BFC Dynamo reinforces with the second and third league-driven Sebastian Hertner - Kurier reported exclusively - and shows that one intends to defend the place on the sun with teeth and claws.

  BFC-Neuzugang Sebstian Hertner: Ich habe voll Bock auf Dynamo! © Provided by Berliner Kurier

The left-back defender who had dissolved his contract at third division Turkstücücü München Beginning of the month is a quality growth for the Hohenschönhauser. And actually hard to get for the fourth-class regional league. Do you sometimes have to take a step back to get back then? "I would sign just as well," says the native Leonberger.

Betis-Seville FC stopped after the jets of

 Betis-Seville FC stopped after the jets of projectiles © supplied by Sofoot while the eighth of King's cutting final opposing the Betis to the Seville FC beat his full, an umpteenth incident in the stands came to spoil everything. Indeed, in an Gran Derbi boiling, Papu Gómez had opened the score of a subtle wound at the entrance of the surface (0-1, 35E). A pretty realization, to which Nabil Fekir was quick to answer, also inspired by a direct corner (1-1, 39th).

That Dynamo of this coup succeeded is also due to coach Christian Bebennek. The ink on the cancellation contract with Turkkücü was not really dry yet, as it rang on the mobile phone of the former U19 national player. Even before the competition could come into the track. "The coach has tried very close to me," reveals Hertner, who does not come to the regional league with his 30 lines.

What he then got into Dynamo liked him. "That's a steady troupe, a sworn pile. I'm happy to help. Since I'm full of buck on it, "Hertner gives full throttle. And the competition can estimate the blond button quite well because he has kicked several years in Aue, names like Cottbus or Lok Leipzig are no foreign words for the Swabian.

He knows what to come to him. And he is well prepared for it. Not even the hotel had to move in Sebastian, because his big dane in Schöneberg has an apartment where he found shelter. "I already know the ring path now," says Hertner.

He will get to know the rest. And Berlin is also a good piece of poet in Kiel compared to Munich, where his friend's from Hamburg lives Hannah. Also no disadvantage.

where Hertner does not come to the capital for private reasons, but to succeed.

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Bayern rental player in front of second division change .
Bayern rental Adrian finely stands in front of a change to Dresden in the second league. The 22-year-old also had contact with Hannover 96. © Provided by Bayern rental player in front of second division change for Bayern rental Adrian Fein is fine - the journey continues - in the second league. (News: All current information on the 2nd Bundesliga) According to the information of the sportsbuzzer, the 22-year-old loans from Greuther Fürth to Dynamo Dresden changes.

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