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World: Conti Supervisory Board Reitzle: E-cars help the climate NOT

Construction of charging stations for electric cars in the north accelerates

 Construction of charging stations for electric cars in the north accelerates The construction of charging stations for electric cars in Schleswig-Holstein has quickly accelerated. In 2021, more than 5,000 orders are addressed to connect charging stations for E cars, the network operator Schleswig-Holstein network (SH network) shared on Monday. In the previous year, it had been 1000 orders. All orders have been counted from the wallbox on the private house to the fast charging station on the highway.

of the Economic Manager and Supervisory Board Chairman of the automotive supplier "Continental AG" has expressed his opinion on E cars in an interview with the economic magazine " Manager Magazin ". According to Reitzle, electric cars do not provide a significant contribution to the climate as long as the German electricity is CO2-duly.

In addition, the cars are not suitable for many people for everyday use and there is also too little charging columns in Germany. For the fact that the sale of E-cars in Germany 2021 has almost doubled, Reitzle says: "No wonder. The state promotes cars with up to 6000 euros, the manufacturer gives 3000 euros, including tax benefits come over the term about 20,000 euros subsidy together. This has nothing to do with reasonable start-up financing for a future technology, not even with a market economy, "reports the Manager Magazine.

Stellantis boss weathered EU

 Stellantis boss weathered EU Electric Car Strategy The head of the AutoConzer Stellantis has sharply criticized the EU's electric car strategy. The political specifications had no creative freedom to produce manufacturers to introduce other ideas, Tavares explained in a "Handelsblatt" interview (Wednesday). © Carlos OSORIO / AP / DPA Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares practices criticism of the EU strategy when switching to electric vehicles.

Although Reitzle relies a great hope of the traffic light coalition, it does not apply as a follower of "Green Energy Policy". On the question of how both fits together, the economic manager says: "There are enough politicians and politicians in the SPD and especially in the FDP, who are fresh and future-oriented such a coalition."

He continues: "And even the Greens will be realistic enough not to subsidize electric cars permanently with billions of billions if they do not contribute to climate balance." Nonetheless, Reitzle believes that the future of the car is electrically. Nevertheless, it will have to give a long transitional period, because they want to shorten this, the location Germany would absolutely harm, he says.


  Conti-Aufsichtsratschef Reitzle: E-Autos helfen dem Klima noch nicht © Provided by Business Insider Germany

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