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World: Corona Pandemic: Bund and Countries argue over control of vaccination obligation

Novak Djokovic's last-ditch attempt to stay in Australia to begin

  Novak Djokovic's last-ditch attempt to stay in Australia to begin Lawyers for the world No.1 will argue the federal government had no grounds to cancel his visa for a second time.Lawyers for the world No.1 will argue the federal government had no grounds to cancel his visa for a second time in the Federal Court at 9.30am.

From mid-March, in many facilities of the healthcare system, the vaccination obligation applies. Federal Health Minister Lauterbach rejects the demand of the countries, after which the federal government must make specifications for implementation and control.

Am 16. März greift die Impfpflicht unter anderem in Pflegeheimen. Nur wer soll sie kontrollieren? © Sebastian Willnow / dpa On 16 March, the luminosity requires inter alia in nursing homes. Only who should control them? Waistband and Countries argue over the control of the vaccination obligation

immediately before the Vortkanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) for this Monday (SPD) with the country chiefs arguing the federal government and countries to control the establishment-related vaccination obligation, which will come into force from 16 March. This is apparent from the decision of the Minister of Health, which were tagged on the preparation of the shift conference this weekend.

Djokovic has lost his fight to stay in Australia. How did the case unfold and what happens now?

  Djokovic has lost his fight to stay in Australia. How did the case unfold and what happens now? A whirlwind visa battle between the world number one and the Australian government has reached its climax. How did it play out in court? And what does it mean for the Open?Enter the top tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, and he's come to chase a record of his own - if he wins a 10th Australian Open title, he will sail past the 20 grand slam wins for which he is currently tied with rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to become the "greatest of all time", the GOAT.

Specifically, the dispute revolves who determine the rules for controlling the setup-related vaccination requirement and how they can be designed by nationwide. Despite a detailed debate, "no agreement was made with the Confederation", it is said in a summary of the Minister of Health.

According to the reform of the Infection Protection Act (IFSG) adopted by the Bundestag on 10 December, from 16 March, liabilities for workers in clinics, nursing homes, doctor and dental practices, rescue and care services, birthhouses and other medical-nursing facilities.

The countries had asked Minister of Health Karl Laudutbach (SPD), "to make very concrete specifications in the formal and content relevant for the implementation of the luminosity in the short term to enable a nationwide uniform and thus legal proceedings." Despite a "comprehensive discussion" with a view of the switching of prime ministers and prime presidents on Monday, they could not agree.

Hana Horka died after intentional corona infection

 Hana Horka died after intentional corona infection Prague. She wanted to infect as vaccination: Now a Czech folk musician has died after a deliberately caused coronavirus infection to Covid-19. Hana Horka, singer of the band Assonance, died on Sunday at the age of 57 years. © Hendrik Schmidt A sample for a corona test (symbol image). This told her son Jan Rek to the radio station According to Rek, she had deliberately exposed to the virus because she wanted to avoid vaccination.

in the composite with general vaccination obligation?

The countries have been mostly pronounced that the established furnishings-related vaccination obligation with the planned general vaccination in combination should be seen. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how the general vaccination may be designed, for example with a view of age limits. By contrast,

Bremen had been to link the two vaccination obligations, because the general vaccination requires not far enough advanced. On this Wednesday, in the Bundestag, an orientation debate is to take place for the first time, in parliament currently will be prepared for legislative applications, but also against the general vaccination. The goal is to be prepared for the next virus wave in the fall.

Thuringia evaluated the link as a "Embassy of employed in this critical infrastructure". This reference to the general vaccination requirement helps to "avoid the emigration of nurses". Some of one fears that non-vaccinating employees will change the profession. How big this danger is, however, is unclear.

According to the minutes Health Minister Lauterbach rejected the demand of the countries. "How should the federal government create prerequisites for the enforcement if the competence in the countries would be. Confederation could only provide advice," cites the Protocol the objections of the Minister of Health.

Lauterbach had asked "for understanding" that the Confederation could not carry the demand of the countries. In the decision-making for the video cluster of the bosses, the countries would be "the necessary data for the vaccination rate in employees such as residents and residents in alter and nursing homes as well as institutions of the integration assistance". The Ministry of Health Checks "the possibility of a nationwide monitoring".

England ends the essentials of anti-Covid-19 .
© Hannah McKay, Reuters a woman walking in the London metro, January 24th 2022. Port of the indoor mask in public places, passport Vaccinal: The latest restrictions to combat the Pandemic of Covid-19 are lifted from this Thursday in England. Prime Minister Boris Johnson even hopes to lift in March the obligation to isolate himself in case of positive test.

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