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World: crisis in Ukraine: the West much divided about Moscow

Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end?

  Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end? Has diplomacy on Ukraine reached a dead end?Russia stands accused of having massed some 100,000 troops close to the Ukrainian border, as it seeks a commitment from the West that the pro-EU former Soviet state will never join NATO.

Face à Vladimir Poutine, il n’y a pour l’heure que la faible armée ukrainienne. © Alexander Zemlianichenko Facing Putin, there is for the time that the small Ukrainian army.

Coordination within the Atlantic Alliance is looking good ... Without warning its European allies, the United States and United Kingdom decided to remind the families of their diplomats in Ukraine and part of their staff, Russian invasion can occur "at any time" . An ad that made up a notch tension already high in the region. Taken against the foot, the Europeans tried to calm things down. "We know very well what is the degree of threat and how we must react. Avoid playing with our nerves and alarmist reactions even have financial consequences , was annoyed Monday Josep Borrell, the Foreign Minister of the Union, following a videoconference with Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State. I do not think there is anything new that can increase the feeling of fear of an immediate attack. " Therefore no question, for now, to follow London and Washington, although Paris now advise against all travel "nonessential" Ukraine.

warships "for robust defense" against Russia: Ukraine presents concrete weapons receivables to Germany

 warships The repeated cancellation of the Federal Government irritates Ukraine. Nevertheless, the ambassador defines. Also within the traffic light are doubts on no. © Photo: Sina Schult / dpa The frigate "Hamburg" in an Irini use of the EU in front of the coast of Libya in 2020. Ukraine does not loose after the clear NO of the Federal Government to Weapon Sagers .

Between repeated bungling Americans Joe Biden has said that "minor incursion" Russian would not have the same consequences as a general offensive, trouble game - and largely dependent on domestic issues Boris Johnson - British, which multiply threatening announcements, and the ontological caution Europeans, motivated both by their military weakness by their diverging interests, one can not say that Westerners provide a united front in clean discourage Vladimir Putin of advance his pawns in Ukraine.

sanctions that divide the bloc

Facing him, there is for the time that the small Ukrainian army. The master of the Kremlin knows that no Western country is ready to send troops to fight at his side, despite a 1994 agreement which guarantees the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for the handover to Russia these nuclear weapons on its soil. NATO has indeed announced Monday strengthened its resources in its Eastern European member countries, but it is mainly a signal sent to Moscow, which specifically requires the removal of the covenant states of the former USSR.

Kiev wants air demares and warships: the traffic light is arguing about weapons exports - but Ukraine already has allies

 Kiev wants air demares and warships: the traffic light is arguing about weapons exports - but Ukraine already has allies The government is undoubtedly whether Germany should not deliver at least protective equipment to Ukraine. Help is already looking for the country in Turkey. © Photo: Andriy Dubchak / AP / DPA Ukrainian Marines Talk to each other at the dividing line to the Prorussian rebels in the Donetsk region.

Video: "If Putin invades us, NATO will assist" on the front, hoping to Ukrainian NATO troops (BBC)

On the sanctions promised by Westerners, clarity does not seem appropriate. Gathered in Brussels on Monday, the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs have not been able to specify the nature of "massive consequences and high costs" which threaten Russia in case of invasion of Ukraine. If the Commission has prepared a series of options, they deeply divide Twenty-September The proposed reduction in gas purchases and Russian oil (-43% for gas, 20% for oil according to AFP), for example, certainly harshly affect the medium term Russia but would also have a devastating effect very short term on the Europeans, already facing to soaring prices of energy .

aid plan for Ukraine to 1.2 billion euros

The EU is largely dependent effect on Russian gas, which accounts for a third of its consumption. In case of reduction in imports, the most affected countries would be first in Central and Eastern Europe, but also Germany and, to a lesser extent France, 20% of the gas consumed comes from Russia . Since the gas crisis of 2008 between Moscow and Kiev, European gas pipelines have certainly been equipped with two-way valves, which allow to send gas to countries in need, and thus limit the damage. But the impact for households and businesses would still terrible, hence the limited enthusiasm to enter additional sanctions cycle whose effectiveness remains further to prove. On Sunday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called "wisdom" in consideration of possible retaliation, given "consequences" they would have for Germany. Berlin has also made a proposal to remove cut Moscow World Swift bank payment system, as envisaged by the Americans.

Meanwhile, the Union will do what it does best: to strengthen financial support for Kiev. The Commission announced Monday that it would propose a plan for aid of 1.2 billion euros, which would double bilateral aid for 2022 and in addition to 17 billion in subsidies and loans already granted to Ukraine from 2014

The Battle for the Future of the West .
The real prize in Ukraine is the end of American influence in Europe.For so long, many people in Europe, including the U.K., have comforted themselves with platitudes that “hard power” no longer matters, that spheres of influence are outdated, and, even, that geopolitics itself has become somewhat passé. Then Russia sent 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. Suddenly playtime was over and once again the future security of Europe was being decided by someone else, somewhere else.

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