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World: photo camille deer pose in her bathtub: an annoying detail reacted internet users

"Bobo Gaucho", "arrogant", "he tries to ridicule it": Laurent Dehousse is bunk on Twitter after his interview with Christiane Taubira

 this Saturday, January 15, at the end of his JT on France 2, Laurent Dehousse Receiving Christiane Taubira to evoke the recent announcement of the latter who presents himself to the presidential election 2022. An interview that did not unanimity ...

PHOTO Camille Cerf pose dans sa baignoire : un détail gênant fait réagir les internautes © coadic guirec / besimage Photo Camille deer pose in her bathtub: an annoying detail reacted internet users camille deer promoted product for the Skin and hair on its Instagram account. But, on the photos, a small detail intrigued the followers of the former Miss France. And it is with humor that she answered!

little courac or real gesture for the planet? Camille Deer was elected Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, in 2014 and became Miss France 2015, this same year. Since the end of his reign, the Nordist goes out the projects. Having Mannequin , she decided to continue on this side being muse of many brands and especially Pomm'Poire, a brand of lingerie she also co-created.

Albanese distances himself from hidden TikTok campaign claims

  Albanese distances himself from hidden TikTok campaign claims Some Australian users received an email with the subject line "Paid TikTok Opportunity: Australian Labor Party", an online news outlet revealed in November.The United States-based Vocal Media, an influencer marketing agency that has worked with left-leaning political and non-for-profit organisations, emailed Australian TikTok users last year claiming to work for the Labor Party and offering to sponsor content critical of the Prime Minister.

stylist at these hours lost , she launched a few weeks ago a collection of shoes in her image: Chic and trend. and Camille Deer is also an influencer who shares with his community all these good beauty plans! And this is the last one that made his fans react on Instagram.

"And if not, the water is where?"

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Indeed, on the very pretty pictures published in Carrousel, The Miss France poses in its bathtub. We see her laugh, rest, take care of her and even raises her in front of the products she offers. But, a little detail made one of his subscribers tick. "And if not the water is where?", Writes one of his followers. And Camille deer respond with humor: "Haha I privilege the showers. But it makes it less photo. " Many fans had also noticed this little embarrassing detail. Besides, another writing then: "What is the concept, bath without water? It's like dry shampoo with wonderful camail with or without water, bath or shower..On nothing goes to you".

Deezer Tricks: Five tips for music and audiobook enjoying

 Deezer Tricks: Five tips for music and audiobook enjoying Deezer offers its customers similar to Spotify or Apple Music a huge selection of songs and podcasts. With the following tips, users can get more out of the music streaming service on their iOS or Android smartphone. © Cookie Studio / With these tips, Deezer's users screws to audio quality among other things. of your own mix and songs find Who wants to do party is looking for other song suggestions as someone who just wants to relax.

to Paris Match, In 2015, Camille Deer reported concerns about climate change . "I am sensitive to melting glaciers and the rise of the resulting waters. The consequences would be devastating for France and the world in general. There are also all natural disasters such as hurricanes or tsunamis. These are Things against whom we can not fight, "she confided to our colleagues. At the time of this interview, she already confirmed that the bath was not in his habits: " I take showers because it's faster! But it happens for me occasionally to please me by taking a good bath." Like what, good habits remain!

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With this new feature, Tinder goes against harassment .
to protect users: inside and to stand at harassment aside, the dating app has developed a new reporting procedure. Here you will learn what's behind. © AkinBostanci / iStock With this new function goes against sexual harassment from dating apps unfortunately not always only have the effect of communicating people together, but are also often the scene of sexual harassment.

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