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World: Lufthansa attacks with partner after successor The Alitalia

How seditious conspiracy charges change the January 6 narrative

  How seditious conspiracy charges change the January 6 narrative Stewart Rhodes is facing the most serious charges yet in connection with January 6. Rhodes’s group, the Oath Keepers, is “one of the largest far-right antigovernment groups in the US today,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Founded in 2009, the group’s members have a history of attending protests while heavily armed, clashing with law enforcement, and supporting former President Donald Trump’s baseless election fraud claims. Thursday’s indictments are also the first seditious conspiracy charges in the investigation so far, and the first the Justice Department has brought in more than a decade.

The Lufthansa takes with a strong partner course on the long-prized destination Italy.

Ein Airbus A320 der neuen italienischen Fluglinie Ita Airways auf dem Flughafen Fiumicino bei Rom. © Roberto Monaldo / Lapress Via Zuma Press / DPA An Airbus A320 of the new Italian airline ITA Airways at Fiumicino Airport at Rome.

Together with the large container and cruise series MSC from Geneva, Europe's sales-stronger air traffic company seeks the majority assumption of the Alitalia Successor ITA Airways, as all stakeholders have confirmed.

has to be spoken above all with the Italian state, which completely owns the ITA. For the takeover negotiations MSC and Lufthansa have a deadline of 90 working days of depreciation. According to ITA Board President Alfredo Altavilla, the shipping company MSC wants to take over the majority.

After Feast Rally: Mainz Biomed Shares Fall US predominance

 After Feast Rally: Mainz Biomed Shares Fall US predominance Papers of the Cancer Certification Specialist Mainz Biomed were only temporarily asked on Wednesday. © Provided by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP / GettyImages The shares of the company noted since the beginning of November at the US technology exercise NASDAQ, at the NASDAQ on Wednesday, temporarily won 0.3 percent to $ 26.77. In the meantime, however, the wind has turned and it is now 1.99 percent down to $ 26.16.

that the Lufthansa recent recently considered to decline with its own capital, as the MDAX Group declared on Tuesday is a turnaround. Even after repayment of German state aids, Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr had emphasized, just looking for a "commercial partnership". The details should be negotiated based on the exact ITA company data in the coming weeks. It is clear that the Italian state wants to remain on board as a minority shareholder.

properly wrapped out

The ITA since October 2021 Active ITA has been put up after several bankruptcies and billion-heavy supports of the predecessor Alitalia. Only 2800 years ago by once 11,000 strikeful employees are still on board, the Airbus fleet of currently 52 aircraft should be fully renewed despite Corona fleaness and expanded to 105 jets. The ITA would then be greater than the biggest Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss so far. The servant Altavilla told the "Handelsblatt" that it is already a great success to have awakened the interest of a "large company like the Lufthansa and a large group like MSC in so few months."

International airlines suspend some flights to US over 5G

  International airlines suspend some flights to US over 5G Changes come a day after AT&T and Verizon said they would postpone new wireless service rollout near some US airports.Some airlines said they were warned that the Boeing 777, a plane used by carriers worldwide, was particularly affected by the new high-speed wireless service. The aircraft is the workhorse for Dubai-based Emirates, a key carrier for East-West travel, and its flight schedule took one of the biggest hits.

should come to an acquisition, the new owners will insist to integrate the ITA into the Star Alliance dominated by Lufthansa and to direct averts of their own hubs like Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich. So far, the Italians are represented in the skyteam of Air France-KLM.

Italy has long been a longing country of Lufthansa, and again and again, the Alitalia cooperations and subcontracts were sought. The market south of the Alps is one of the highest sales in Europe with a strong tourist business and narrow ties to North America. Already Spohr's predecessors Wolfgang Mayrhuber had tried to establish the newly founded "Lufthansa Italia" against the Alitalia privatized at that time. After high losses, 2011 only the Lufthansa subsidiary Air Dolomiti in Italy remained in Italy, where now Ryanair and Wizz Air dominate the events.


«Of course, the Italian market is highly reluctant. And since Italy will never give up his own airline, the takeover is a real step, "says Gerald Wissel from the Aviation Consulting Company Airborne. He warns at the same time before old and new problems. The influence of the Italian trade unions must be permanently limited and the Auffufering Turnstile System of the Lufthansa Group are resorted. "You should consider Rome together with Vienna, Munich and Brussels."

Yemen rebel attack on UAE throws challenge to the region

  Yemen rebel attack on UAE throws challenge to the region A fatal drone and missile strike raises questions about the war and security across the Middle East.Saudi air strikes against rebel Houthi targets in Yemen have been deadly - aid agencies say one attack alone killed dozens of people when a detention centre in the Houthi stronghold of Saada was targeted.

For those responsible in Rome, the offer of Lufthansa and the MSC shipping company with their Italian roots seems to be very temptative. The industrial logic of the offer is "very convincing" and "extremely interesting", Altavilla distributed once again plenty of advance laurels. In addition to about three million MSC cruise passengers as potential customers, he also see opportunities in the freight range: "Cargo is today the sector in which the highest profit margins are achieved."

competition for acquisitions

The industry giants in the shipping provide a competition for takeover goals with bulging funds. The very expansive Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) founded in 1970 by Italian Gianluigi Aponte, just after decades, has displaced the competitors of Maersk from the first place in the offered freight capacity. Aponte already belonged to a shareholder consortium in 2008 for the salvation of the Alitalia, but soon rose from the Alliance forged by Silvio Berlusconi.

«Your goals are manifold and show the ambitions to gain more influence on the global supply chains», write the analysts of the company consultancy PwC in a recent study on the mega-shipping companies. In addition to investing in the core business shipping as well as in port terminals, shipping companies also bought "freight forwarders to get direct access to the loaders». Even airlines do not fit bad as the French CMA CGM suits.

45 million euros! BVB wants Scamacca as Haaland successor .
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