World: Burkina Faso. "Military coups are unacceptable," reacts the head of the UN

Four French soldiers of the operation "Barkhane" injured in an explosion in Burkina Faso

 Four French soldiers of the operation © Copyright 2022, Obs Four French soldiers were injured in Burkina Faso during the explosion of an improvised explosive machine (IED ) At the passage of their vehicle, in the north of the country, announced the French staff Tuesday, January 18, to the evening. "The off-road vehicle exploded on an IED at the exit of the Ouahigouya airport," said the staff, stating that it was a "unit" Barkhane "on a recognition mission".

Antonio Guterres lors d’une conférence de presse à New York, le 21 janvier 2022. © Jason Szenes / EPA / Maxppp Antonio Guterres at a press conference in New York, January 21, 2022.

Questioned about the Situation in Burkina Faso, Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General said Tuesday 25 January that "military coups were unacceptable."

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said Tuesday, January 25, about Burkina Faso that "military coups were unacceptable" , claiming the soldiers in West Africa of "Defend their country, not attacking their governments" .

"I call the armies of these countries to assume their professional role of armies to protect their country and restore the democratic institutions" , he added during an exchange with journalists before a meeting of the Council of Security on the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

Burkina: a demonstration against insecurity forbidden in Ouagadougou

 Burkina: a demonstration against insecurity forbidden in Ouagadougou © Olympia of police officers in a rue de Ouagadougou during demonstrations, on November 27, 2021 A protest planned Saturday against insecurity in Burkina Faso struck by violence Jihadists, was prohibited Thursday by the Town Hall of Ouagadougou, where a previous gathering prohibited in November 2021 had given rise to violence.

manifestations "The role of the military must be to defend their country and their population, not to attack their government and to fight for power" , he insisted, pointing out that in the region "Terrorist groups" threatened international peace and security.

Asked about the manifestations of joy at some in Burkina after the coup that overthrew President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, Antonio Guterres felt that it was "easy" to organize them.

"There are always celebrations for this kind of situations" , "he said. "It is easy to orchestrate but the values ​​of democracy do not depend on public opinion at one time or another" , he assan.

Hundreds of protesters went down Tuesday in the streets of Ouagadougou to display their support for putschists after the coup d'etat in Burkina Faso who overthrew President Kaboré, whose UN in Geneva requested the "immediate release" .

The head of the European diplomacy asks for the return to constitutional order in Burkina Faso .
© Reuters - Johanna Geron the head of the European diplomacy warned Wednesday, January 26 that "if the constitutional order is not restored" This would have "immediate consequences on our partnership with the country". No plenary session Finally, Wednesday, January 26, in Brussels between the Foreign Ministers of the G5 Sahel countries and the European Union because of the coup d'etat in Burkina Faso. But the ministers present spoke with the leader of the European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

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