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World: The Spanish media evoke the algental gas supply

IG BCE wants to protect against energy inflation

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  Les médias espagnols évoquent les couacs de l’approvisionnement en gaz algérien © supplied by The Baltic Times

Madrid - Several Spanish media report that the supply of their country in Algerian gases has been recurrent cuts from the unilateral closure by Algiers. GME pipeline.

"Last week, the only pipeline still operational from Algeria has recorded a reduced flow for no less than 36 hours in a row in full cold wave", writes the daily "Okdiario".

citing a statement from the Spanish gas operator "Enacas", the newspaper talks about "restrictions on the Algerian side".

"Spain has not received all the gas supplies planned this winter. The flow routed by Medgaz, the only one still in service from Algeria, suffered a few setbacks at the end of the year which resulted in imports of imports up to 14.5% ", precise, for its part, The "Economia Digital" portal.

More than 40 migrants die in a shipwreck off Morocco

 More than 40 migrants die in a shipwreck off Morocco © Jorge Guerrero / Archives AFP A boat of Spanish coast guards. Photo Stock Illustration. According to the Spanish NGO Caminando Fronteras, 43 migrants perished on Sunday, January 16 in the shipwreck of the boat that took them to Spain. Forty-three migrants , including 3 babies and 14 women, perished on Sunday, January 16, 2022 after the sinking of their boat off Tarfaya, south of the Morocco , indicated on Monday the NGO Spanish Caminando Fronteras .

The Spanish Government acknowledged that the MEDGAZ pipeline recorded several € 2021 supply cuts, which reduced imports from Algeria. On November 28, supplies marked a decrease of 14.5%, note the publication.

To recall that Algeria has been conducting, since the end of October, 2021, a real gas blackmail against Europe in the critical context of the outbreak of energy prices and in the winter season.

Many observers believe that it is an umpteenth vulid maneuver of intimidation by the Algerian regime to deter European countries to be part of the positive dynamic that the question of Moroccan Sahara, reinforced by the American recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in its Sahrawi territories.

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