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World: Canada: New "potential" tombs of Aboriginal children discoveries

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Au Canada, des années 1830 à la seconde moitié du XXème siècle, environ 150 000 enfants des Premières nations - Amérindiens, Inuits et métis - ont été arrachés à leurs familles, et placés dans des pensionnats pour autochtones gérés par l'Église. © AP - Darryl Dyck in Canada, from the 1830s to the second half of the twentieth century, about 150,000 First Nations children - Native Americans, Inuit and Métis - Have been torn from their families, and placed in Aboriginal residential schools managed by the Church.

The Williams Lake First Nation in British Columbia announced that it had identified 93 "potential" tombs on the site of a former boarding school, in the west of the country. Since last May, more than a thousand children's graves have been discovered.

"My heart breaks for community members and for those whose loved ones have never returned home," Reacted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Storm Izzy: East of the United States and Canada under the Blizzard, thousands of canceled flights

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The Williams Lake First Nation estimates to have discovered 93 "potential human burials" on the St. Joseph's website, a boarding school that hosted thousands of children from 1886 to his closure in 1981. It is in Kamloops, always In British Columbia, last May the first twonments of 215 children, aroused horror and consternation across Canada.

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For a century, 150,000 children have been placed by order of the Canadian government in more than 130 residential schools across the country, mainly managed by Catholic missionaries. Objective: Assimilation, cutting these children from their families, their language and their culture. Children victims of all kinds of violence: beaten, violated 4 to 6,000 would be dead: malnutrition, diseases, abuse.

For the moment, a thousand anonymous graves have been found, the research continues. In early January, the Canadian government announced that it released the equivalent of € 1.3 million to contribute to research on St. Joseph's Mission's website.

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