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World: Dabel and Lindner should quickly clarify KfW conveyor chaos

Elysee 2022: How France 2 wants to reboost its political show

 Elysee 2022: How France 2 wants to reboost its political show © Nathalie Guyon Elysée 2022: How France 2 wants to reboost its political show France 2 will launch a new formula of its political emission Elysee 2022 now baptized Elysée 2022: facing France Télévisions. This will be poised on February 10, with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, as a guest. All the details. In a few weeks, France 2 will program a new issue of its political emission Elysee 2022 , carried by Léa Salamé and Laurent Guimier .

Berlin. The surprising KfW funding stop for efficient construction brings the Federal Government under pressure. Consumers run storm. The traffic light now advised in the coalition committee on solutions.

 Zehntausende bauwillige Bürgern könnten bei der KfW-Förderung plötzlich leer ausgehen. © Rolf Vennenbernd tens of thousands of construction citizens could suddenly empty at KfW promotion.

The traffic light coalition, which is under pressure due to the controversial KfW conveying stop in energy-efficient buildings, wants to rework. At the first coalition summit of SPD, Greens and FDP on Wednesday evening in the Chancellery, the topic was discussed in detail. Deputies reported a violent source of exemption in the constituencies.

Executive Privilege Is Lawless

  Executive Privilege Is Lawless And the Supreme Court is okay with that.But the Supreme Court’s cryptic two-page order goes out of its way to avoid establishing any law. The Court wrote that the questions raised by Trump about a former president’s authority to assert privilege are “unprecedented and raise serious and substantial concerns.” It then proceeded not only to decline to address those questions but also to take the affirmative and extremely uncommon step of instructing government officials and the courts to disregard the central point of the D.C. Circuit’s legal analysis as “nonbinding dicta.” In judicial parlance, dicta is, by definition, not law. The Court denominated the D.C.

The aim is according to government circuits a solution within the next two weeks. For this purpose, Minister of Economics Robert Daheck (Green), Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP) and Tree Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) make suggestions. A spokeswoman of Habeck said on Thursday on request: "We are building here in close exchange with the other affected resorts and finance to ensure clarity here."

The top round under guided tour From Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) also advised the Corona location and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Officially, the parties did not comment on the content of the three-hour meeting. Unlike the large coalition, SPD, GREEN and FDP want to meet monthly to advise long lines of government work. The goal is not to produce a list of results every time. In the old government, the coalition committee has often been blocked by dispute between Union and SPD.

Investigations against Green: Party Lawiner: At Boni, a few zeroes are often held by a few nulls more: the investigations of the Berlin Prosecutor's Office against the

 Investigations against Green: Party Lawiner: At Boni, a few zeroes are often held by a few nulls more: the investigations of the Berlin Prosecutor's Office against the Federal Board of Greens because of the suspicion of infidelity are considered a little serious at those skilled in the art. According to a decision of the Federal Board, all employees of the Federal Office and at the same time had received any six members of the Federal Council of Coronabended special payments of 1500 euros each. © DPA Green Lace Supply: Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck (Archive Image) of the Green Chairman Robert Habeck sees no new findings.

The Economic and Climate Ministry of the Economic and Climate Ministry had surprisingly announced that State Bank KfW now has no new applications for the promotion of climate-efficient buildings. This applies to the so-called efficiency house (EH) 55 in the new building, the EH40 in the new building as well as the energetic renovation. Above all, the announcement of the predecessor government, the EH55 funding program at the end of January, have led to the KfW to an application boom. The classification means that the building consumes 55 percent or 40 percent of energy needed a standard house. It is now unclear how the federal government with around 24,000 applications by means of KfW promotion, which have been received before the balance sheet date.

Video: AfD protests with posters against Corona rules in the Bundestag (AFP)

tested according to coalition circuits a loan program, which offers loans for all applicants whose applications were not approved. This should also be reacted to hardship cases for private builders. In addition, it should give as quickly as possible a tree interaction of the federal government and countries to give the topic. Associations warn that by bursting funding up to 25,000 residential units could be built less - that would endanger the target of the traffic light issued by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, to build 400,000 new apartments per year.

'Homeless and aimless': WA border stings

  'Homeless and aimless': WA border stings Karen and Mike Malherbe were supposed to move to Western Australia when borders opened next month but now face being homeless after the premier backflipped.When the pair sold their NSW Illawarra home and bought a new one near Busselton, in Western Australia, they were elated.

Dabel had defended the funding stop and referred to "uncovered budget promise". He understand the disappointment, but there was no other choice. The Union Faction in the Bundestag requested him to take back the decision. "The funding stop without warning makes tens of thousands of young families in the rain, their dream of home threatens now threatens to burst. This is not just a blow against property education, but also counteracts our goals for climate protection and new construction, "said CDU-Bauexperte Jan-Marco Luczak. (with dpa)

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Berlin. Against the voices of the opposition, the traffic light coalition wanted to say goodbye to her first budget on Thursday: the supplementary budget 2021, with which 60 billion euros are redesigned in the energy and climate funds (ECF) in order to have money for future investment in the future . © Kay Nietfeld Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) in the Bundestag. The Union holds the budget for unconstitutional and has announced a lawsuit before the Constitutional Court.

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