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World: Germany: Arrest of a Russian national suspected of espionage on the Ariane

Ukraine: Washington fears a Russian attack "At any time"

 Ukraine: Washington fears a Russian attack The US Secretary of State must meet with his Russian counterpart on Friday, while the United States worries about the possible deployment of nuclear weapons at Belarus © AFP Russian tanks transported to Belarus on January 18, 2021 (photo provided by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense).

program Germany-Russia-espionage: Germany: arrest of a Russian citizen suspected of espionage on the Ariane

ALLEMAGNE: ARRESTATION D'UN RESSORTISSANT RUSSE SOUPÇONNÉ D'ESPIONNAGE SUR LE PROGRAMME ARIANE program © Reuters / Matthias Rietschel Germany: Arrest of a Russian citizen of espionage on the Ariane

Berlin program (Reuters) - a Russian national was arrested in June 2021 in Germany under the accusation of espionage for the benefit of the Intelligence Services of Russia to which he would have Provided information on aerospace technology, particularly the Ariane launcher, announced Thursday the German floor.

In a statement, the public prosecutor specifies that the suspect, Ilnur N., worked as a researcher at a Bavarian university until his interpellation on June 18, 2021.

The Russian External Information Service (SVR) approached it for the First time in the fall of 2019, the researcher ensuring them then that he was ready to cooperate.

"The interests of the Agency focused particularly on the different development stages of the Ariane European Space Launcher and the Research of the Accused", explains the prosecution.

Since November 2019, the alleged spy transmits information to a Russian intelligence officer, in exchange for 2,500 euros in cash.

(Thomas Escritt report, French version Diana Mandiá, edited by Sophie Louet)

crisis in Ukraine: Moscow coldly hosts the American rejection of its requirements .
Russia coldly welcomed the Washington rejection of its security requirements, an exchange that feeds the Russian-Western crisis on Ukraine, but the two camps have Guarded open the dialogue door. View on Euronews © AP / Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service It is coldly that Russia has reacted to the letter brought by the American ambassador.

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