World: inflation: INSEE anticipates a flight This spring

RBA's Lowe warns of upside inflation risks

  RBA's Lowe warns of upside inflation risks RBA governor Philip Lowe has told a business conference inflation could reach four per cent-plus as a result of the Ukraine war and the floods in Australia.The floods along the east coast of Australia are also expected to result in higher prices for fruit and vegetables with growing areas hit and supply chains disrupted.

Inflation : l'Insee anticipe une envolée ce printemps © Pixabay Inflation: INSEE anticipates a flight This spring according to the institute, the morale of business leaders and households firefighted by the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions.

Inflation could reach 4% in the spring. In question, the war in Ukraine, which already causes a "shock of trust" for French companies and households, estimates this Wednesday, March 16 INSEE. The first results of the latest surveys conducted by the National Institute of Statistics show as well as the morale of business leaders and households already led by the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions, particularly on inflation and uncertainty that it puts on the prospects for the French economy. The war causes "a shock of prizes, uncertainty and trust," summed up Julien Pouget, head of the Economy Department at INSEE, during the presentation at the press of the last marketing note of the Institute national statistics. One of the immediate effects is that "war fucks" already existing "inflation, he added.

After the pandemic, the war in Ukraine penalizes the French economy

 After the pandemic, the war in Ukraine penalizes the French economy © Anatoli Stepanov Tank of the Ukrainian armed forces joining its position in the region of Lugansk in Ukraine on March 11, 2022 Barely submitted the pandemic of Covid 19, The French economy will be penalized by the war in Ukraine that should slow growth while accelerating the rise in prices, according to the Bank of France Sunday. The French growth should thus be amputated in 2022 from 0.5 to 1.1 percentage point in relation to what would have occurred without the conflict, estimates the insti

After reached 3.6% in February, a more level seen since 2008 but contained by the "tariff shield" set up by the government, INSEE provides that it will exceed the 4% in March, then around 4.5% during the second quarter, driven by energy prices, raw materials and food. These forecasts, however, are based on the assumption of a price of the oil barrel at $ 125, its level reached at the very beginning of March, but which has declined since, specifies INSEE. Difficult to foresee more with a conjuncture that has become "more uncertain". INSEE no longer provides a preview of GDP change for the second quarter. It was 0.6% so far.

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with uncertainties related to the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine, the impact of sanctions and "policy responses Economic "taken to temper the effects, are added those on the CIVID-19 epidemic, which resumes vigor in China, details INSEE, which returns to the prudence that was at the highest of the epidemic. COVID-19. In addition to the "tariff shield" and the discount on fuels, in particular, unveiled a set of measures on Wednesday to support companies struck by the repercussions of the war in Ukraine. For its part the Banque de France had estimated Sunday that French growth could be amputated in 2022 from 0.5 to 1.1 percentage point according to two scenarios of oil price evolution.

Fed's Bullard says interest rates need to rise above 3% to quell inflation

  Fed's Bullard says interest rates need to rise above 3% to quell inflation St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said Friday the U.S. central bank needs to raise interest rates much faster in order to combat the hottest inflation in four decades – or risk losing its credibility. Bullard was the lone dissenter on Wednesday, when the Fed voted to hike the benchmark federal funds rate by 25-basis points for the first time since 2018, bringing to an end the ultra-easy monetary policy put in place to prop up the economy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government is also preparing to revise its growth forecast by 4% for 2022, said Monday the Minister of Economy Bruno the Mayor, judging, however, that the French economy remains "solid". In the meantime, the Institute still provides for growth of 0.3% in the first quarter, testifying to a slowdown after the increase of 0.7% of GDP in the last quarter 2021.The activity has been temporarily penalized in January by The Omicron wave, and the lifting of the sanitary restrictions in February allowed an "acceleration", which could be finally lower because of the first consequences of the war in Ukraine, details INSEE.

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Household consumption is expected in decline of 0.5% over the quarter, while their purchasing power should decline 1.4%, wreaved by inflation. Growth would thus prepare mainly on the reconstitution of their stocks by companies. INSEE also provides for a slowdown in salaried employment, with 15,000 expected creations, compared with +35,000 in its previous forecast, and which testifies to the counter-stroke of the strong progress of interim employment in the last quarter 2021. The rate of Unemployment would stabilize him at 7.4% at the end of March.

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