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World: Ukraine: The population receives from the help from abroad but also from the interior of the country

Ukraine, the UN and history's greatest broken promise

  Ukraine, the UN and history's greatest broken promise If the past is anything to go by, the world will struggle to unite for Ukraine - says Fergal Keane.Even when the spring sunlight fills the little park, it remains an unsettling place. The Jewish world commemorated at Arsenalna Square in central Lviv was destroyed by genocide. The people who worshipped at the Golden Rose synagogue were either exiled or killed. There is no escape from history here. It is present in the memorial stones for the dead and in the void left by a murdered generation.

in Ukraine, the aid received by the population does not come solely from abroad. Inside the country, a whole chain of solidarity has been put in place to help the poor. View on Euronews

Des bénévoles faisant du pain pour la population dans une boulangerie de la banlieue de Kyiv. © Screenshot of a Euronews report of the volunteers making bread for the population in a bakery in the suburbs of Kyiv.

In 50 days of war in Ukraine, nearly 270,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid were sent to the country.

OLEKSANDRA PERTIVNA who lives in Borodianka did not imagine it one day to feed his grandchildren.

"We did not leave the city. We receive humanitarian aid, and thanks to God we are not hungry," says the age of 70. "We are good for the moment, we hope better days," she continues.

All the Things You’re Missing About Putin’s War

  All the Things You’re Missing About Putin’s War They say the word “disinformation” originally comes from the Russian word dezinformatsiya. Fitting, since Russia is one of the greatest sources of disinformation and its invasion of Ukraine is now one of the greatest sources of propaganda, fake news and lies. To paraphrase an old saying, there now seems to be three sides to every aspect of the war: Russia’s, Ukraine’s and the truth. When I was recently on the Ukrainian border, I spent what little free time I had reading Western coverage and trying to keep a bird’s-eye view of events.

Borodyanka: The Ukrainian authorities fear the worst

most of Borodianka inhabitants is in the same situation as Oleksandra Pertivna. This city is one of the most devastated places in the country following the Russian occupation.

In Ukraine, the received assistance does not come solely from abroad. Inside the country, a whole chain of solidarity has been put in place to help the poor.

This is particularly the case in a bakery of the suburbs of Kyiv in which our journalist went. Part of the place is reserved for volunteers so that they can make bread.

donations, home: humanitarian aid remains crucial for millions of Ukrainians

"We make real traditional Bread Ukrainian good and tasty. We manufacture for hospitals, for the army, for people who n ' Do not afford, __For retirees, "explain Roman Tereshenko , volunteer in the bakery.

Feeding the population is just as important as the work of the soldiers who are on the front line.

"When you are in the back and can not hold a weapon, you are looking to do something useful. Everyone seeks the way to be useful. Some help with clothes, others do Volunteering or cook something. We want to do as much as possible, "adds Roman Tereshenko.

By making up to several hundred loafs of bread a day, these volunteers demonstrate that they are also ready to fight until the end of the war.

The weapons being sent to Ukraine and why they may not be enough .
The arms Ukraine receives will be vital to the outcome of the war, but will it get the influx of heavy weapons it needs?However, Ukrainian resistance was much stronger than anticipated and Russian armoured columns were not only halted but in many cases destroyed as Ukraine leveraged what weapons it had to the greatest effect, its commitment to defend itself with great energy, surprising Russia and the world. Since then, Ukraine has seen a flood of arms as weapons pour in from Europe and the United States.

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