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World: The Malian army announces the death of Jihadist executives, including a Franco-Tunisian

Mali: The armed groups kill on the back of the civilians

 Mali: The armed groups kill on the back of the civilians © AFP Milaicians of the MSA, near Kidal , while massive abuses, in Moura, were committed by elements of the Malian Armed Forces accompanied. Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Group, violence in the area of ​​the three borders remains endemic, provoking the death of many civilians. Bamako. From our correspondent is a massacre that has lost for almost three weeks.

Des soldats des Forces armées maliennes à Gao, le 24 février 2019. © Alain Jocard, AFP soldiers of the Malian Armed Forces in Gao, February 24, 2019.

Samir al-Bourhan, a Franco-Jihadist setting. Tunisian, is part of the "dozen terrorists" eliminated at two aerial strikes on Thursday, in the center of the country, announced the Malian armed forces on Saturday.

In a statement, the General Staff of the Mali indicates that the Malian Armed Forces (FAMA) have, thanks to two aerial strikes executed on April 14, managed to "neutralize a dozen terrorists in the Ganguel Forest" which is "about 10 kilometers" from the locality of Moura.

"These strikes have led to neutralize some GSIM executives" ( Support Group for Islam and Muslims) , the main jihadist alliance in the Sahel, linked to Al Qaeda and led by Chief Touareg Malien Iyad AG Ghaly, "Which Samir Al-Bourhan, a Franco-Tunisian terrorist frame, speaking French and Arabic", says the staff.

Hunger stalks jihadist-battered Niger

  Hunger stalks jihadist-battered Niger Few countries in the world struggle with as many burdens as Niger. The arid Sahel state is the world's poorest country according to the UN's Human Development Index. It faces bloody jihadist insurgencies on two of its borders. And now it is being stalked by hunger. Life is rarely easy for its farmers, but this year they have been struck by a terrible combination of factors. Drought, insects and caterpillars ravaged harvests of millet, beans, corn and sorghum, the country's staple crops, and this was followed by torrential rains that wiped out newly sown fields. © ISSOUF SANOGO Niger is battling jihadist insurgencies in its southwest as well as the southeast.

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The Malian army says it has acted "on the basis of specific technical information reporting Consolidation of terrorists ", coming according to her" To go up the morale of the fighters "of the GSIM and" bring the financial and logistical supports both expected "after their" cooking lapel of Moura ".

The army says "neutralized" at the end of March 203 Jihadists at Moura , where the American human rights NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses the on the contrary to have summarily executed 300 civilians with the help of foreign fighters. No photo or video allowing to accredit the version of the Malian authorities or that of HRW has emerged from Moura since then. The United Nations Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) asked in vain for several days to Bamako to allow it to send a team of investigators on site.

Billie Eilish is PETA's Person of the Year! But who else has been awarded the title?

  Billie Eilish is PETA's Person of the Year! But who else has been awarded the title? Each year PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) chooses a star to be named the organisation's Person of the Year. In 2021, PETA have made Billie Eilish the youngest person to receive the accolade for never staying silent about animal protection and for actively working to help animals – from developing leather-free footwear and promoting vegan foods to pressuring designers such as Oscar de la Renta to dump fur. But what other animal-friendly stars have also received the award?

>> Massacres in Moura in the center of Mali: the underside of a military operation

governed since 2020 by military arrived in power by the force , the Mali has been plunged, since 2012, in a deep sectarian crisis that the Deployment of foreign forces has not resolved. Parts of the northern country, jihadist violence extended to the center and the south, before the conflict becomes complicated with the emergence of community militias and criminal bands.

The conflict made thousands of civilian and combatants. The center of Mali is currently one of the main homes of the Sahelian crisis.

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