World: Hope for gas deliveries holds DAX on recreational course

What is the EU’s gas plan and does it have support of the bloc?

  What is the EU’s gas plan and does it have support of the bloc? Bloc says rationing is necessary amid Russian ‘blackmail’ but some member states have rejected the proposal.Moscow has already curtailed exports of natural gas – used to power factories, generate electricity and heat homes – to the EU following its invasion of Ukraine in late February, as its relations with the West have deteriorated sharply.

The German stock market was linked to its previous day development on Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, speculation about a scheduled resumption of Russian gas deliveries triggered an euphoria on the stock exchanges.

Der Dax ist der wichtigste Aktienindex in Deutschland. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany.

Several media had reported that the Russian gas deliveries are expected to be resumed on Thursday after the maintenance work was completed.

The Dax noted 0.44 percent higher in the late morning at 13,366.48 points after it rose by 2.7 percent the previous day. The MDAX of medium -sized stock market companies won 1.31 percent on Wednesday to 26,863.97 points. For the Eurozone-Leiten-Leindex EUROSTOXX 50, it was around 0.3 percent.

Gas getting too expensive? These people are making their own in their backyard

  Gas getting too expensive? These people are making their own in their backyard Food waste is a global problem costing billions and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Turning that waste into cooking gas is increasingly being seen as a solution for homes and businesses.In Australia, that equals more than 7 million tonnes of edible food, and is estimated to cost the economy more than $36 billion annually, according to a report commissioned by the federal government.

The Uniper shares were lonely at the MDAX tip thanks to the prospect of soon government aid for the battered energy group with a pretense of almost 16 percent. Already the day before - driven by speculation for further gas deliveries from Russia - they rose by a good 10 percent.

is now uniper paper from the Federal Ministry of Economics, just before a rescue operation in which the federal government could shoot billions of euros and participate directly in the tumbling gas company.

With a price gain of 2.1 percent, the shares of Continental reacted to preliminary quarterly figures of the tire manufacturer. The quarterly turnover and the margin were slightly over the market expectations, the annual goals were confirmed. A dealer spoke in a first reaction of solid key data in a difficult environment for the industry.

Brussels asks EU member states to slash gas use by 15%

  Brussels asks EU member states to slash gas use by 15% EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warns a full cut-off of Russian gas flows to Europe is ‘a likely scenario’.In a plan outlined on Wednesday, the Commission proposed that that the period of reduced gas consumption last between August 1 and end of March 2023.

again in the hope of bargain in the shares of Delivery Hero and HelloFresh increased in the hope of bargains. The papers of the Hellofresh cooking boxer recently rose by 6.1 percent and were the leaders in the DAX. Previously, they had climbed a six -week high. The titles of Delivery Hero increased by 8.8 percent and were among the top values ​​in the MDAX. They have reached the highest level since April.

The Scout24 shares benefited from a high level and increased by 2.1 percent.

, on the other hand, was 2.3 percent down for the shares of Rationally as a MDAX conclusion. The British Bank HSBC had reduced its rating for the papers of the professional kitchen supplier from "Buy" to "Hold".

Putin’s Big Chill in Europe .
Russia threatens to punish support for Ukraine by cutting the gas supply. The West must not be blackmailed.Russia has offered technical reasons and excuses for the shutdown: These were maintenance issues, according to the state-owned Gazprom. Those explanations may not be wholly false: Just as the Russian army turned out to be a much more broken-down organization than advertised, so the Russian natural-gas industry may be more broken-down as well.

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