World: France remains on maximum alert against fires

Spain, strike, Morocco ... The south of Europe also plagued by flames

 Spain, strike, Morocco ... The south of Europe also plagued by flames © Miguel Riopa, AFP of Spanish firefighters near Zamora (northwest). France is not the only country threatened by gigantic fires. At least four countries are affected. The heat waves strengthen droughts, the land is currently favorable to fires in France , but also in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Morocco.

A Louchats (Gironde), samedi. © Benoit Tessier A Louchats (Gironde) on Saturday.

Does hexagon approach its fire record? While the situation is about to be mastered on many fronts, the area of ​​vegetation burned this year in the country already exceeds 40,000 hectares according to the European Information System on Forest Fires (Effis), which records more 229 fires of at least 30 hectares on July 23. In 1976, 80,000 hectares had gone up in smoke. "What is unprecedented this year are the temperatures noted, the precocity of the fires in time and their whole in the territory", analyzed at the start of the week for France Bleu the Commander Alexandre Jouassard, spokesperson for the Civil security and crisis management.

fires: the smell of burned is now felt until Ile-de-France, a "fairly classic phenomenon" according to Météo France

 fires: the smell of burned is now felt until Ile-de-France, a The wind has probably worn the smell of smoke further north of France: the Consequences of fires are felt until Ile-de-France. Firefighters ask citizens not to overload telephone lines. © provided by Franceinfo The firefighters of Paris and the Paris region receive, Tuesday 19 July in the evening, several calls following smoke smells. These are the consequences of the lights in Gironde , more than 500km from the capital.

in Gironde, where the fire devoured 20,800 hectares, the prefecture said on Saturday evening that the fire of the Teste-de-Buch forest was "now fixed". A Landiras, on the other hand, the fire was only "content" and could not be considered as "fixed", "because of the risk of recovery". Surveillance continued on Sunday, especially in the thirty households still active. The 36,750 people evacuated since the start of the crisis on July 12, began to return to their homes. Friday, the Bordeaux prosecutor's office also announced the opening of a judicial information for the fire of Landiras, the criminal track being envisaged. Two men were placed in police custody then released earlier this week. At La Teste-de-Buch, on the other hand, the accidental track, linked to a van which would have caught fire, is always privileged. A separate survey for "involuntary destruction" has been opened.

More than 500 dead in Spain after the heat wave that swept Western Europe

 More than 500 dead in Spain after the heat wave that swept Western Europe © AFP The Spain deplored Wednesday "more than 500" dead linked to the heat wave that has just swept Europe from the West by sowing devastating fires and raising temperatures at record levels. "Climate emergency is a reality" and "climate change kills", hammered Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez by visiting the Aragon region (northeast), touched by one of the many fires that have ravaged Tens of thousands of hectares in the country.

In the Monts d'Arrée, in Finistère, the situation was only "controlled" in the north Sunday morning, and "fixed" in the south. More than 1,700 hectares were devoured by the flames. Thursday, the prefecture announced that the situation was "totally stabilized", but four new homes had reactivated, especially because of the wind. Two investigations were opened, one of which is for "a crime of voluntary destruction by fire". south of Avignon, in the mountain range, a fire triggered on July 14 by a wagon with a faulty braking system was brought under control a week later, after traveling 1,600 hectares. Finally, in the Minervois, on the borders of Aude and Hérault, a fire that broke out on Friday afternoon was mastered on Saturday after destroying 150 hectares.

Video: Gironde fires: more than 20,000 hectares of burned forest in a week (France 24)

very old

trees if no human victim is identified for the time being, the damage in terms of biodiversity may be significant. It is still too early to quantify exactly the loss of wildlife and wild flora, but the photo of a deer stranded on a beach of Biscarrosse (Landes) marked the spirits, suggesting that the animal tried to flee the flames in taking refuge towards the ocean. “Some animals have certainly suffered big damage because of fires: it is micro -mammals such as Musagnes, even larger mammals such as hedgehogs and squirrels, which take refuge in the event of danger in the holes of the trees », explained to Europe 1 in the middle of the week Alexandre Lasnel, environmental inspector in Gironde and departmental unit of the French Biodiversity Office.

If the Landiras forest was essentially made up of monoculture of maritime pines, that of the Teste-de-Buch, almost unused, also had very old trees including oaks over 300 years old. With 15 million hectares of forest, France is the third most wooded European country, with more than 130 species of different trees, recalled the Ministry of the Interior in mid-July in a communication on the prevention of forest fires . According to the Effis on Sunday, almost all of the metropolitan territory was still exposed to the risk of fires. The western part of France (ranging from Brittany to Pays-de-la-Loire), the South West and the Lyon region were at high risk, while the Mediterranean arc was classified as "extreme danger".

All the departments of Metropolitan France are now in drought vigilance .
© Copyright 2022, L'Obs La France has been living its worst dryness for over sixty years: struck by a third wave of summer heat which goes up and intensifies In the south of France, the country is now entirely placed under vigilance, a consequence of the months the driest ever recorded .

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