World: Mayor: Energy Safety through Nord Stream 2? In a letter to the state and federal government,

Russia resumes critical gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1

  Russia resumes critical gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1 The Nord Stream 1 pipeline under the Baltic Sea had been shut since July 11 to undergo annual maintenance. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had indicated that gas shipments via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline would restart as soon as maintenance was complete, but also warned that flows may be limited unless a dispute over sanctioned parts is resolved. Gazprom cut flows to Germany via the vital Nord Stream 1 pipeline by some 40 percent last month, blaming the absence of a Siemens gas turbine that was undergoing repairs in Canada.

local politicians from the island of Rügen proposed the use of the controversial Baltic Sea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

Könnte die Inbetriebnahme von Nord Stream 2 eine Entspannung in der Gassituation bringen? Diese Frage stellen sich Politiker von der Insel Rügen. © Stefan Sauer/dpa Could the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 bring relaxation in the gas situation? Politicians from the island of Rügen ask themselves this question.

The letter that is available to the German Press Agency is signed by seven mayors. As the Mayor of Sassnitz Frank Kracht (independent) wrote on Wednesday of the dpa, several other municipalities would have subsequently signed. The NDR had previously reported about it.

It is not about activating Nord Stream 2 "on cramp". Rather, it is about permanent energy safety, said Kracht. If there are technical difficulties, for example, to ensure this via Pipeline Nord Stream 1, you have to find new ways. Nord Stream 2 is an option.

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin had brought the Nord Stream 2 pipeline again a week ago. This could be put into operation, he said in connection with the throttled deliveries by Nord Stream 1. The Federal Government rejects such commissioning. Nord Stream 2 is not approved, a certification procedure was stopped in February. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck said on Tuesday that the Kremlin wanted to leave solidarity in Europe through the high gas price and work towards a permit from Nord Stream 2.

Video: Energy expert criticizes Habeck: Russian gas deliveries cannot be replaced (SAT.1)

with a view to the attack on Russia on Ukraine, the mayor's letter says that it is sentenced to the sharpest of this war. Nevertheless, it has to be weighed up how big the damage for the population and the economy could be in their own region.

Gazprom once again drastically reduces the daily gas delivery by Nord Stream

 Gazprom once again drastically reduces the daily gas delivery by Nord Stream Russia drastically back the gas deliveries through the North Stream 1, Baltic Sea pipeline 1. The delivery quantities would be reduced to only 33 million cubic meters of gas per day due to the maintenance of a turbine from Wednesday (6:00 a.m. CEST), the energy group Gazprom said on Monday in the Telegram online service. The federal government reacted with incomprehension and explained that it saw no technical reason for the reduction.

According to Kracht, the letter went to the Schwerin State Chancellery and the Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens).

Mayor: Separation from Russia is not the right

"We believe that the way to part with the energy providers of Russia is not the right one." In order to ensure that energy security, in particular the supply of gas, is sufficient, in addition to Nord Stream 1, the use of Nord Stream 2. The paper speaks of concerns about the planning of the federal governments for gas supply and the necessary infrastructure. Currently planned alternatives went hand in hand with enormous costs and time. The planned expansion of wind power is criticized.

In addition to Krachten signature, the letter from mid -July leads the signatures of six further administrative heads, including Anja Ratzke (mountains, independent) or Reinhard Liedtke (Sellin, independent).

Chancellor: Siemens turbine finished for transport .
The Chancellor visited Siemens Energy in Mülheim an der Ruhr on Wednesday. There, a turbine for the north stream 1 pipeline is available for delivery. Scholz commented on energy supply. © Bernd Thissen/DPA/Picture Alliance Chancellor Olaf Scholz In front of the Siemens guest turbine in Mülheim Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Russia is responsible for delays in the return transport of a gas turbine for the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 .

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