World: 18 Parks invite you to the State Zoo Day: Entry for children Free

Fire in Gironde: Animals of the Arcachon Basin Zoo collected throughout France

 Fire in Gironde: Animals of the Arcachon Basin Zoo collected throughout France © Hauser Patrice / / / Hemis via AFP in the middle of the week, the animals of the zoo of the basin of Arcachon had to be evacuated urgently due to the forest fires, which threatened them directly. They were distributed in several animal parks from all over France, notably in Pont-Scorff, in Morbihan. Europe 1 went to meet those who welcomed them.

On Friday, 18 animal and adventure parks in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offer special campaigns and free admission for children. «There is a lot to see and experience a lot. This is the best advertising for our zoos and zoo and at the same time a small thank you to the families in the country who had to carry special stress in the Corona pandemic, »said Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD). For the head of government, the opening of the zoo day in Schwerin will be one of the first official acts after her summer vacation lasting several weeks.

Ein Ara sitzt in einem Zoo in der Vogliere. © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa/symbol image An ARA sits in a zoo in the vogliere.

In addition to the big zoos in the state capital and in Rostock, the Grimmen zoo, the Lelkendorf house and farm animal park near Teterow, the Vogelpark Marlow, the Tropenzoo Bansin and the Sea Museum Stralsund on State Zoo Day. One of the highlights is likely to be the baptism of the Orangutan offspring in Rostock. Entry in all participating parks is free for children from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania aged up to 14 years.

, according to the responsible state agricultural ministry, visit around three million people annually the zoos and zoo in the northeast. According to Minister Till Backhaus (SPD), the facilities are more than tourist magnets and popular leisure locations. They also made important contributions to both species protection as well as nature and environmental education.

Meet Australia's oldest little penguin, who has fathered chicks across the country .
Just shy of 21 years old, Gordon is the oldest Australian little penguin on record and is still maintaining an active love life despite his age. Outliving the average life span of his species by more than 14 years, the senior penguin has also been busy safeguarding his species' declining population.Gordon's bloodline runs strong, and he has successfully raised four adult daughters, who have gone on to breed in other colonies around Australia.His minder at Adelaide Zoo, Amelia Kennett, said that was no small feat for an animal that usually mates for life.

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