World: United Kingdom: "Bring Back Boris", some conservatives are already working on the return of the future ex-Prime Minister

The UK’s next prime minister will be one of these two people

  The UK’s next prime minister will be one of these two people The new leader will be announced on September 5.The Conservative Party has narrowed the contest to two finalists who will compete to take over leadership of the Conservative Party, and of the United Kingdom, from Boris Johnson.

while Boris Johnson has not yet officially left his post, some are already working to prepare a future. And imagine him at the head of NATO, whose post of secretary general will be released next year.

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that will become Boris Johnson forced to resign at the beginning of July , notably due to various clandestine holiday scandals at Downing Street in full containment ? The British Prime Minister will already think of relaxing in the coming days, since he is organizing a party for his wedding celebrated last year.

then he will return to business for a short month, and leave his post as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in early September when his successor was appointed. He must then become a simple deputy but difficult to imagine it is satisfied with it.

Insiders Admit Race to Be Next U.K. PM Is Prime Minister for ‘Five-Star Catastrophe’

  Insiders Admit Race to Be Next U.K. PM Is Prime Minister for ‘Five-Star Catastrophe’ The race to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and therefore prime minister has fast turned into a Rorschach test designed to discover all the different ways Britain’s conservatives are miserable. In Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister, Conservative party members see a man who was disloyal to Johnson by leading the exodus of cabinet officials which ultimately led to Johnson’s downfall earlier this month. Worse, they see him as being disloyal to the very principles of what it means to be a Conservative. In Liz Truss, the incumbent foreign minister, they see a decaf Margaret Thatcher who will do anything to attain power.

No return to government (normally)

and already elected officials of the majority are busy preparing for his return and invented a slogan: "Bring Back Boris" (Bring back Boris). They hope for a return to power of their champion. A petition has even collected more than 10,000 signatures.

What is certain is that it will not be part of the next government: The last two candidates for its succession have swept this option. But if Liz Truss becomes Prime Minister, as predict polls, the voice of "Bojo" will count since all the faithful of the current Downing Street tenant are currently campaigning for her.

NATO in his viewfinder?

So what follow -up for Boris Johnson? Some people like to imagine the next NATO secretary general. The position should be released in a year. His supporters highlight his attitude towards the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The United Kingdom is at the forefront in logistical and military aid. But the British conservative press already evokes a possible French vet and a former head of the British armies points to a crippling defect for this job: the lack of integrity.

The main concerned remains silent on the subject. But his farewell to the House of Commons, which he concluded with a thunderous "Hasta la Vista Baby" borrowed from Terminator, immediately reminded the other favorite replica of the Immortal Cyborg: "I’ll Be back". In other words: "I will come back".

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