World: Wolfang Knoll has been missing for over 25 years: "Cold Case" on "File number XY"

ICJ to rule on Myanmar objections to Rohingya genocide case

  ICJ to rule on Myanmar objections to Rohingya genocide case If the objections are dismissed, the court can begin to discuss the evidence for the alleged atrocities.The court heard arguments on the objections in February, and ICJ President Judge Joan E Donoghue will read out its decision on Friday at 3pm (13:00 GMT).

Holzminden - The case of a man from Holzminden, missing since April 1997, is the topic on Wednesday (8:15 p.m.) in the program " Akteniken XY .. . Unresolved "on ZDF.

ZDF-Moderator Rudi Cerne stellt den Fall in der Sendung © provided by TAG24 ZDF moderator Rudi Cerne presents the case in the program "File number XY ... unresolved".

The Police hopes for new information in the unresolved case so far, as announced on Friday.

The special commission "Cold Case" has again started the investigation over 25 years after the disappearance of the then 45 -year -old Wolfgang Knoll.

The man was reported as missing on April 14, 1997. He was acutely ill at the time and should have been treated in the University Hospital Göttingen at the end of February of the same year. This never happened, as the police said. The officials do not rule out a homicide.

In addition to the studio hotline, the Hameln-Pyrmont/Holzminden police inspection will occupy a notice telephone (05151/933-318), during and after broadcast.

Janine Vaughan Bathurst missing person case haunts her brother and sister .
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