World: United States: at least 16 dead in the "worst" floods never seen in Kentucky

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  Etats-Unis: au moins 16 morts dans les © AFP

A U minus 16 people died in the "worst" floods in the history of Kentucky and the results could still double , the rains have not ceased on Friday to fall on this rural state of the center of the United States.

President Joe Biden decreed the state of "natural disaster" and unlocked federal reinforcements to support the areas affected by "storm, floods, landslides and mudslides".

Torrential rains fell on the eastern Kentucky on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, transforming certain roads into rivers and forcing residents to take refuge on the roof of their house while waiting for help.

Others found themselves trapped by the rise of waters or swept away by the waves in their vehicles, and the balance sheet is "appalling," said Governor Andy Beshear.

USA: At least three dead after floods in Kentucky

 USA: At least three dead after floods in Kentucky © Michael Swensen/Getty Images/AFP Jackson, in Kentucky, is flooded. The torrential rains in the American state of Kentucky caused floods that caused the death of at least three people and other people are missing, raising the worst. At least three people died following torrential rains that caused immense floods in the east of the American state of Kentucky, announced its governor, who fears that the results are still increasing.

"We now have 16 confirmed deaths, and this number will still grow considerably," said the elected democrat at a press conference.

Four brothers and sisters, aged a year and a half to eight, were swept away by the waters, when they had taken refuge at the top of a tree with their parents. The bodies of two of them were found and two remain missing, according to the local newspaper Lexington Herald Leader.

The parents "had managed to hold their children for a few hours but a big wave arrived and took them all at once," said their cousin Brittany Trejo on a daily basis.

An 82 -year -old woman also drowned while trying to take shelter, according to the authorities.


Video: In the United States, at least eight dead in floods in Kentucky (AFP)

Kentucky flood death toll rises to 15

  Kentucky flood death toll rises to 15 The state governor said the death toll is expected to rise amid ongoing search and rescue efforts.Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said that he expects the death toll to continue to rise.

in the most affected places, houses have been submerged, the lightest ground torn from the ground. "Hundreds of people have lost everything" and it will take at least a year to rebuild, "said Andy Beshear.

In the meantime, the emergency services, supported by reinforcements sent by neighboring states, are all mobilized to help the victims.

About fifty air resumes, with helicopters from the National Guard, and hundreds of boat resumes have already taken place, according to the governor.

"But there is so much water, the currents are so strong that we cannot reach everyone," he deplored.

Important precipitation is expected until Friday evening, and the flood alert was maintained.


With the global warming caused by human activities, the atmosphere contains more water vapor, increasing the risks of episodes of strong precipitation, according to scientists. These rains, associated with other factors linked in particular to regional planning, promote floods.

'The worst I've ever seen': Entire homes lifted and moved as deadly flash floods cause devastation

  'The worst I've ever seen': Entire homes lifted and moved as deadly flash floods cause devastation In this rural part of Kentucky, it's easy to see how so much rain in such a short time could be so devastating. © Associated Press Pic: AP The topography is perfect for flash floods. Steep hillsides, narrow valleys. And some of America's poorest communities living in this stunning part of the central United States.From the air, Kentucky's governor, Andy Beshear absorbed the damage below - he looked down at one community of many where they will have to start again, if they survived.

Some regions of Kentucky received some 20 centimeters of rain in 24 hours and, in places, the waters of the rivers suddenly rose several meters, before leaving their beds.

In the Jackson region, some roads have become powerful rivers, with abandoned cars here and there.

At the bottom of these small valleys surrounded by forests, the lands were flooded with light brown muddy water which left out in certain places that the roofs of the buildings and the trees.

Thousands of people stayed private on Friday with electricity or running water. Shelters have been opened in gymnasiums, churches and state parks.

"These are the worst floods never seen in Kentucky and they arrive after the worst tornadoes in the history of Kentucky," said Andy Beshear.

In December, several dozen violent tornadoes had ravaged five states in the center of the United States, mainly Kentucky, and left at least 79 people dead.

President Joe Biden, who had surrendered, had stressed that the weather phenomena were "more intense" with the global warming.

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