World: Discover Orsolina 28, an Italian paradise for dancers

A former art gallery is given an Italian-inspired redesign

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Découvrez Orsolina 28, un paradis pour les danseurs © Figaro Live Discover Orsolina 28, a paradise for

dancers at the start, it was nothing more than a simple Italian farm, composed of a house Master and a cellar, belonging to the nearby Ursuline convent. To cover their needs, good sisters cultivated vines, fruits, vegetables and had some hens there. A pastoral jewel that fell in love with Simony Monteiro. This rich Brazilian born in New York wanted to open a dance center. She dreamed of it since childhood. She had then been captivated by a star, and always remembered her grace and "this drop of perspiration fallen from her finger" .

While continuing to exploit the vines, Simony Monteiro transformed the cellar into two dance studios very well equipped to found a school there. She offers lessons for toddlers in the region every day. The school met with great success; The place, country, remote is 80 kilometers from Turin, the city of Pavese. But Simony, who, although training regularly, was not satisfied with this success. If she could not become a choreographic artist, she wanted to push her approach further and therefore, created an art and culture foundation, of course dedicated to dance. Thus she had an extraordinary open-air plateau built at the top of the hill, with a view of the valley where, as in the past in Italy, we give open-air shows, at nightfall in the light of sky and without projector. For rehearsals, she built three other studios of different sizes. And to house the dancers, she had a sort of high -end campsite installed under the trees with around thirty air -conditioned boxes, a swimming pool, a sauna, a hammam, so that these artists, who are also great athletes, can Relax after rehearsals. Everyone eats in the canteen with sumptuous Italian buffets garnished with farm products. Everyone cultivates the warm conviviality of La Botte, from the Franco chief to servers like Francesco or Michela at the reception. In short, a paradise for dancers.

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We found Pontus Lidberg which after its success in Montpellier Danse had come in residence. This stay is the first step in his next creation, which he will give in Copenhagen next October. And this, before settling in Paris for several months for a residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts. This choreographer, dancer, filmmaker and painter chose the theme of Icarus. He prepared for Orsalina an extraordinary step of two created with an exceptional dancer from the Boston Ballet, Paulo Arrais. “For me Icare, it is obviously the theme of flying, but it is above all the feeling of going beyond, beyond oneself, beyond life. Fighting for something impossible, ” explains the choreographer after a rehearsal.

The result is staggering. One step of two of ten minutes, where all the attachment that can have two beings for each other. A story of friendship, love, made of crises, impulses and of course reunion. A very successful work on music by David Lang.

While Pontus worked on this creation, in another Ohad Naharin studio and his assistants headed an internship for 70 dancers in order to train them in the technique that this Israeli choreographer invented, Le Gaga. At the same time, he made them work one of his pieces from the 90s - Echad Mi Yodea - represented after that of Pontus, on the open -air plateau. As with each show the 800 places found takers. Simony hopes in Orsolina the concerts and shows remain completely free.

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