World: In Corsica, Russian pianist Anna Tsybuleva illuminates the nights of the Piano of Bastia and Erbalunga

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The Russian interpreter was in concert at the Palais des Gouverneurs de Bastia as part of the eleventh edition of the Nuits du Piano d'Erbalunga festival which continues until August 2, 2022.

  En Corse, la pianiste russe Anna Tsybuleva illumine les Nuits du Piano de Bastia et Erbalunga © provided by Franceinfo

It is an unmissable event for lovers of classical music, The nights of the piano of Erbalunga in Haute-Corse bring together many music lovers each year very high quality international programming.

like the concert of Russian pianist Anna Tsybuleva organized this Wednesday, July 27 at the Palais des Gouverneurs de Bastia.

The conquered public

During her concert on Wednesday evening, Anna Tsybuuleva interpreted the Polish Op.89 in Major of Beethoven, Sonata n ° 3 op.5 in Fa Minor of Brahms and several compositions of Chopin.

Don’t Blame Dostoyevsky

  Don’t Blame Dostoyevsky I understand why people hate all things Russian right now. But our literature did not put Putin in power or cause this war.Terrible crimes, I agree, are being committed in the name of my people, in the name of my country, in my name. I can see how this war has turned the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy into the language of war criminals and murderers.

His unique sense of interpretation, of an intimacy fascinating spectators in a very personal musical universe. The public present in the museum courtyard was under the spell. "It's absolutely extraordinary, her strike force, her poetry, she does not play anything cute, it's exceptional," enthuses a music lover. "I like to look at the passion among artists and she was passionate when she played," reports another spectator.

Share music despite the war in Ukraine

described by Gramophone Magazine as having "a musical intelligence and an acute sense of the keyboard, Anna Tsybuleva found herself in the spotlight in 2015 when she won the first prize of the international piano competition of Leeds in England. praised by criticism for her performance, she was presented as "a pianist with a rare gift".

Fighter jets and warships: Russians get a taste of Crimea summer vacation

  Fighter jets and warships: Russians get a taste of Crimea summer vacation Russian tourist Alexandra Rumyantseva is tanning on a beach in Moscow-annexed Crimea, not far away from the front lines of Ukraine's eastern and southern territories. Sitting on a rock in a white bikini by clear Black Sea waters on the outskirts of Sevastopol, Rumyantseva looks up as a Russian fighter jet whizzes through the perfectly blue sky. "Of course, I cannot say that we are in a fully relaxed state," she told AFP. The front is around 300Sitting on a rock in a white bikini by clear Black Sea waters on the outskirts of Sevastopol, Rumyantseva looks up as a Russian fighter jet whizzes through the perfectly blue sky.

in the context of war between Russia and Ukraine, the Artist measures the chance to be able to play again. Elsewhere, some of his compatriots had to cancel their concerts. "I am very lucky to have this opportunity to play, to share this musical art with the public because it is the most Important for us ", assures the musician.

at 32, the Russian pianist performs on the scenes of the whole world, including in Asia. Very inspired by nature, she experiences great joy to play in Corsica." Approaching Corsica by plane, I was dazzled, moved to tears when I saw the island, for me it is an audience to play for the Corsican public, "she says.

A Festival of Talents

an intimate atmosphere in a magical setting, for more than twenty years "The nights of the Erbalunga piano" gain notoriety and quality. The organizers apply the same recipe to attract music lovers.

Besides the biggest names in classical music, the festival also endeavors to highlight young talents. "We had very" beautiful shots ", we made Kantorow play who had the Grand Prix Tchaikovski and young people we took before they have great prices and that's a pride for us "Rejoices Patrice Moracchini, organizer of the festival.

The nights of the Piano continued until August 2, 2022 at the Erbalunga green theater.

On the program Sunday July 31: Severin von Eckardstein; Tuesday August 2: Martin James Bartelett

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