World: United States: 100 days from mid-term elections, the Democratic camp threatened despite the successes

Czech Republic: Destruction of a pig farming built on an ex-concentration cap

 Czech Republic: Destruction of a pig farming built on an ex-concentration cap © Tomas Novak of people deposit roses on a field in front of the pig farm during the demolition of the industrial pig farm located on the site 'A former ROM concentration camp in Lety, on July 22, 2022 in the Czech Republic The demolition of a pig farming, built in the Czech Republic on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp for Roma, began Friday after decades controversial.

Les membres du Congrès américain, le 2 mars 2022. © Reuters-Pool The members of the US Congress, on March 2, 2022.

The ballot presents important issues for Democrats And for Joe Biden. If the Republicans take control of the congress, it could complicate things for the American president and his program. Joe Biden is already facing many challenges, even if he has won some victories recently.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

for Joe Biden, the function of president has so far been synonymous with crises, sanitary, economic, political, social ... Its popularity rating is at the lowest.

Any victory is therefore good to take, and in recent weeks, the president has won some. Starting with the vast reform plan intended in particular to lower the prices of drugs, fight against global warming or even subject large companies to more taxes. A plan that had been blocked by a man for months, Joe Manchin, a Democrat Senator who has finally said he was ready to vote for .

Democrats have been boosting ultra-right candidates. It could backfire.

  Democrats have been boosting ultra-right candidates. It could backfire. Is this reverse psychology a little too clever?National Democrats, party-aligned nonprofits, and some of their candidates have together spent millions to elevate the most extreme positions of far-right candidates in races in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, and Maryland, and it’s a strategy that’s divided party operatives. The total investment this cycle was over $44 million as of last quarter, according to an Open Secrets analysis.

Also in the good news box: the drop in petrol prices, promised by Joe Biden after flights to the pump. And especially with this inflation that is settling.

Video: Right to abortion in the United States: Democratic elected officials arrested during a demonstration (Dailymotion)

Finally, there was also the vote by the House of Representatives of a project to prohibit rifles 'Assault , semi-automatic weapons. Even if the text is doomed to failure in the Senate, for the president's camp, this will be an opportunity to show that they need more elected democrats in the upper Chamber to advance their laws. And 100 days from the mid-term elections, it is the message sent over and over again by the Democrats.

The republican machine at the turn

remains to be seen whether the voters are convinced of the work accomplished so far by the Biden administration. However, it is almost tradition, at every mid-term election: the president's party records bad results.

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The gloom of the economy and especially inflation, at the highest since four decades, should not reverse the trend this year. A weak point for the Biden administration on which the Republicans will support in the final stretch before the ballot.

For their campaign spots, they benefit from a colossal budget: $ 130 million in the funds of the main political action committee of the party, against 60 million on the Democratic side.

The Cook Political Report, a non -partisan organization, plans that the Republicans will gain between 15 and 30 seats in the House of Representatives. Is much more than the four seats they lack to take control of it.

However, the Democrats seem to be revitalized by several recent decisions of the Supreme Court, in particular that on the right to abortion.

remains to be seen whether this mobilization will still be so strong in three months and will succeed in changing the extent of this "republican red wave".

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