World: Inflation: Lufthansa company pilots threaten to strike

Lufthansa strokes almost all flights on BER

 Lufthansa strokes almost all flights on BER Passengers of Lufthansa, due to the announced warning strike on Wednesday, will also be at the capital airport BER. The airline has already deleted a large part of the offer in Schönefeld, as the airport reports on its website. From there, Lufthansa only flies to Frankfurt and Munich's inner -German hubs. Only four flights to the Bavarian capital should be carried out on Wednesday. These may also be removed from the program. © Boris Roessler/dpa A passenger machine from Lufthansa.

Le premier groupe européen de transport est sous la menace d'une grève de ses pilotes. Ces derniers font valoir des revendications salariales pour lutter contre l'inflation galopante. Pour l'heure, la direction refuse d'accéder à leurs demandes. Le groupe Lufthansa regroupe environ 5.500 pilotes. © Tobias Schwarz / AFP The first European transport group is under the threat of a strike by its pilots. The latter assert wage demands to combat rampant inflation. For the time being, the management refuses to access their requests. The Lufthansa group brings together approximately 5,500 drivers.

The pilots of the first European air transport group, Lufthansa, massively approved the principle of a strike to support wage demands against Inflation , their union announced on Sunday. This is "a signal that cannot be ignored," said the cockpit branch union in a press release.

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The threat of seeing Lufthansa aircraft soon Nailed to the ground has thus grown, but the result of the consultation does not mean "yet automatically that we arrive at strike measures," he added. He intends to reopen negotiations with the management, currently in the deadlock, "with even more support" of his base.

The unions want an indexing of wages on inflation

The Lufthansa has approximately 5,500 drivers in its passenger and goods transport activities. Cockpit is the only union to represent them. The consultation gave a majority of 97.6% in favor of the principle of strike among passenger pilots, and 99.3% among cargo pilots. Participation was around 95% of members.

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The pilots ask for the surge of inflation a 5.5% increase in inflation of their wages this year, then an automatic indexing then on inflation . The union also requests a guarantee on the volume of the Lufthansa fleet, in order to secure the jobs of the pilots.

This conflict is added to another already underway for Lufthansa with the staff on the ground, who participated on July 27 in a 24 -hour work stoppage, which led to significant traffic disturbances in Germany. Their union, Verdi, claims salary increases of 9.5%. In both cases, the management hitherto refuses to access the salary claims .

Collection of Lufthansa and Verdi: An almost unworthy show .
© provided by Wirtschaftswoche Streikender at the Lufthansa Exhibition last week. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The quick degree After a ultimately unnecessary strike, the current tariff round finally makes it appear like a farce. The result would have been easier, cheaper and, above all, possible for customers without trouble. A comment probably just wanted to be sure that everyone takes the message really seriously in all parts. After the airline had already reported last night at 9:30 p.

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