World: A new heat wave sweeps over France this Monday

Beavers are heat wave heroes

  Beavers are heat wave heroes Animals don’t have AC. But they have beavers.Yes, beavers. These web-footed, fat-tailed amphibious rodents help countless other critters survive a heat wave. They not only drench certain landscapes in cold water but also help cool the air. They even make forests and grasslands less likely to burn.

  Une nouvelle vague de chaleur déferle sur la France ce lundi © Copyright 2022, the Obs

Metropolitan France is experiencing a new heat wave from Monday, August 1, with temperatures that can climb up to 39 ° C In the south-east according to Météo France, manifest symptom of climate change . Five departments-Ardèche, Drôme, Gard, Pyrénées-Orientales and Vaucluse-were classified by the Meteorological Institute in Orange Heatmale .

High advice for the climate: "France's response to global warming remains insufficient"

They should cross a "new scorching episode whose intensity and duration will be less than those of the previous episode", said Météo France Sunday in a bulletin. The ten other departments of the south-eastern quarter of France were placed in yellow alert.

It’s so hot in Europe that roads are literally buckling

  It’s so hot in Europe that roads are literally buckling The world wasn’t built for this heat.The heat wave, which brought record-breaking temperatures to the UK, France, and elsewhere in the past two weeks, is exposing a frightening reality: Much of Europe isn’t built for extreme heat, or for a climate that’s swiftly changing.

A Météo France card showing the trend of maximum temperatures between Monday and Wednesday indicates that the thermometer could climb up to 39 ° C in the South-East and the Rhône valley, between 36 ° C and 38 ° C Wednesday in the South West. In Paris, temperatures will reach 34 ° C at 36 ° C. They will remain less than 30 ° C to Brittany and the English Channel.

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A Historical Drought

already knew A Wave of Early Heat in June And comes out of a second which lasted from July 12 to 25 . The latter "now constitutes the 45th heat wave identified since 1947", "the most intense third, with a peak of the national thermal indicator at 28.0 ° C on July 18" and "the longest fifth", According to Météo France.

Can We ‘Hack’ Our Bodies to Resist Heat Waves?

  Can We ‘Hack’ Our Bodies to Resist Heat Waves? Heat waves are undulating across swaths of the U.S. and around the world, causing record-breaking temperatures and thousands of deaths. Scientists predict that climate change will only make these waves more frequent and dangerous, particularly in regions where cooling infrastructure like air conditioning isn’t widespread. Well, luckily (or unluckily), there is a contingent of biohackers who have a solution that doesn’t involve addressing the ongoing climate crisis. Their approach lies in raising our own tolerance to heat.

Capture the fog, recover the icebergs ... These innovative techniques to compensate for the lack of water

These high temperatures are doubled with a historic drought in July . Friday, 93 of the 96 departments of Metropolitan France were affected by a restriction beyond vigilance . Since Thursday, "Le Vaucluse, North and Haute-Savoie have gone into crisis" and "Côtes-d'Armor have passed on a reinforced alert", according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Battle for water in Lot-et-Garonne: "You will piss us less when you are at the bottom of the lake!

In the North, the prefecture, for the first time at the level of the department, triggered the level of drought crisis . The measure concerns the 37 municipalities of the Yser Basin, whose "degradation has reached an unprecedented level which jeopardizes aquatic life", according to the prefecture. Only three departments are spared: Paris, Hauts-de-Seine and Seine-Saint-Denis.

East of France suffocates under the third summer heat wave .
© Frederick Florin / AFP Météo France raised 37 degrees on Thursday in Strasbourg and 38 in Lyon or Saint-Etienne, before a weekend which promises to be fresher, while France is going through a third period of heat wave. The meteorological agency maintained Orange vigilance for Friday in 26 departments, mainly in the East.

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