World: Chinese Embassy in Berlin criticizes foreign minister’s statements in support of Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi Shows Beijing Must Change Course

  Nancy Pelosi Shows Beijing Must Change Course The rancor over the House speaker’s potential visit to Taiwan reveals how badly Xi Jinping needs a new strategy.This scenario would be a Cuban-missile-crisis moment, with the United States and China staring at a potential conflagration. And based on Beijing’s strident reaction to the House speaker’s possible visit to Taiwan, it’s not all that far-fetched. “China will act strongly to resolutely respond to [Pelosi’s visit] and take countermeasures,” a foreign ministry spokesperson warned. “We mean what we say.” Hu Xijin, a former editor of a Communist Party news outlet, appeared to threaten violence.

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin on Friday criticized German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for her statements regarding the conflict in Taiwan, fueled this week after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island.

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Baerbock said on Monday he was against violations of international law and pointed directly at China, "especially these days". Now, the Chinese diplomatic legation in Berlin has called these statements "insinuations" and sees them as a "deliberate distortion of the facts".

In view of the "brutal Russian war of aggression" against Ukraine, Baerbock stressed the importance of emphasizing that it is unacceptable to the world community for a larger country to attack a weaker neighbor.

As Pelosi departs, Taiwan reflects on controversial US visit

  As Pelosi departs, Taiwan reflects on controversial US visit Taiwanese experts reassured of US support as China gears up for military drills in waters surrounding island.In response to Pelosi’s visit, China announced live-fire military exercises across six zones in waters surrounding the island of Taiwan that will start on Thursday and continue through Sunday.

However, for the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Baerbock demonstrates with these statements a lack of "historical knowledge" as they are far removed from the events that took place between Beijing and the island, which is not a smaller country but a province of China, in his opinion.

At this point, the Embassy criticized the fact of comparing the conflict in Ukraine with the tensions in Taiwan, something that constitutes a "deliberate distortion of the facts and interference in China's internal affairs".

In addition, the Chinese diplomatic mission has taken the opportunity to criticize once again Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, as well as the statements launched on the matter by both the European Union and the main nations that make up the G7.

At this point, the communiqué warns the European states that, if they continue to support "the dangerous and provocative actions of the United States", they will end up "dragging the world into a quagmire of confrontation".

China considers Taiwan as another province under its sovereignty and has threatened to unify the entire territory by force if necessary.

Taiwan had the upper hand in the 60s, now China knows its power .
China has gone from being an impoverished nation unable to repel Taiwan's propaganda missions to posing the greatest threat to peace in Asia in generations. For the past two weeks, the People's Liberation Army has harassed Taiwan's median line, sending missiles over the democratic island, destroyers to surround its territorial waters and warplanes to simulate attacks on its defence forces. The visit to the island by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - seen as an insult to Beijing's sovereignty - gave China the excuse to practise a military blockade.

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