World: The images of the impressive tornado of fire seen in California

Berlin forest fire triggered by WWII ammunition dump blasts

  Berlin forest fire triggered by WWII ammunition dump blasts Explosions at a WWII bomb disposal site ignited a blaze in one of Berlin’s biggest city forests.More than 100 firefighters were battling the blaze that has spread across 1.5 hectares (about 3.7 acres) in the German capital’s Grunewald forest on Thursday, the Berlin fire department and a German news agency reported.

  Les images de l’impressionnante tornade de feu aperçue en Californie © Copyright 2022, the Obs

a tornado, but made of smoke and flames. This is what we saw American firefighters on Wednesday. The phenomenon occurred near Gorman, a city in southern California, on the front of a fire baptized "SAM".

> Look at the images of the Tornado of Fire:

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Arsenal new boys shine | 'Saliba looks real deal'

  Arsenal new boys shine | 'Saliba looks real deal' William Saliba, Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko show why Arsenal could be a much improved team this season.Arsenal's summer seems to have been an exercise in increasing pressure. A late-season slip that allowed their rivals to secure Champions League football ahead of them was followed by a documentary recording in detail how those events played out.

Video: an impressive "fire tornado" observed in California (Dailymotion)

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barely triggered, the "Sam Fire" immediately mobilized just over 200 firefighters. A responsiveness which has for the moment allowed to limit the damage: only 60 hectares of vegetation has burned under the flames.

California ravaged by

fires a very different assessment than that of "McKinney Fire", this gigantic fire that has ravaged Northern California for 3 weeks. Having become uncontrollable, he has already destroyed 23,000 hectares and caused the death of 4 people.

At the beginning of July it was yet another fire that terrorized the Californians: "Oak Fire". With flames sometimes 30 meters high, he had destroyed around forty dwellings and marked the spirits with his intensity and his speed of spread.

The fire season in California, a state in a situation of persistent drought, is expected to last several months. The frequency and strength of these fires are exacerbated by global warming.

Cairo blaze highlights problem of unsafe makeshift churches .
An electrical fire that turned a crowded Cairo church into a deathtrap highlights a persistent problem, say Coptic Christians in majority-Muslim Egypt -- a struggle to build or renovate their places of worship. But the priest -- who lost six relatives in Sunday's fire, including three children -- also said that places of worship still require better inspections to avoid more such tragedies. - 'National unity' -Critics say the state's legal push in the name of "national unity" in fact stigmatises complaints of discrimination as "anti-patriotic", as Fallas argued in a paper for the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy.

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