World: Gironde, Jura, Aveyron, Brittany, Drôme ... The point on fires in France this Sunday

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Un pompier allemand pulvérise de l'eau pour éteindre les points chauds persistants laissés par un incendie de forêt près de Belin-Beliet, dans le sud-ouest de la France, le 13 août 2022. © Thibault Moritz A German firefighter pulverizes water to extinguish the persistent hot spots left by a forest fire near Belin-Beliet, in the southwest of France, August 13, 2022.

The end of the third scorching episode of the summer and the arrival of rain brought a relative respite this Sunday to firefighters against fires. The lights are finally fixed in Brittany, Gironde, Jura and Drôme thanks to more favorable conditions. But vigilance remains in order, while a stormy wave crosses the country.

lull after big damage

the fire which ravaged 7,400 hectares of forest since August 9 near Landiras, south of Bordeaux, is "now fixed" , announced Sunday the sub-prefect of Arcachon, Ronan Leaustic. “Finally the night was favorable to us. We had rather rain and very little wind, ”, he explained in front of the press. The department of Gironde was however placed "in red vigilance (very high vigilance /level 4 on a scale of 5) for the risk of fires in the forest until Tuesday August 16", with recruited restrictions in Forest massifs .

Fire in Gironde: in Cazaux, 4,000 people urgently evacuated

 Fire in Gironde: in Cazaux, 4,000 people urgently evacuated © Thibaud Moritz / AFP while fires rage in Gironde, 4,000 inhabitants of the town of Cazaux had to bend urgently to put themselves 'shelter at the Teste-de-Buch exhibition center or with relatives. Two houses in this town were destroyed by the flames. Europe 1 went there. A village evacuated to escape the flames. This is what 4,000 people lived in the commune of Cazaux in Gironde . In the department, 7,300 hectares of forest left for smoke because of the fires.

in Brocéliande, in Brittany, the rain and the fall in temperatures contributed to mastering a disturbing resumption of fire in the night of Saturday. The fire is also fixed , but the legendary site of the tomb of the giant has disappeared forever.

In the Jura, department this year unusually affected by fires, a resumption of fire was observed in the south, burning an additional 50 hectares in the Vescles and Cernon sector this Sunday. More than 1,050 hectares of forests have been reduced to ashes in the department this week, a “historic” report according to the authorities. Of the four fires that blackened the massifs of the small Jura mountain, south-east of the department, the two still in progress this Sunday morning were finally fixed this afternoon.

fire between Lozère and Aveyron: more than 300 hectares destroyed, the fire still active

 fire between Lozère and Aveyron: more than 300 hectares destroyed, the fire still active © Benoit Tessier / Reuters The fire broke out on August 8, 2022 near Massegros, in Lozère. A violent fire broke out at the end of the afternoon, Monday, August 8, 2022, near Massegros, in Lozère. More than 300 hectares have already been destroyed in the evening. The flames won the neighboring department of Aveyron. A fire Party Massegros, in Lozère, Monday August 8, 2022, had already traveled more than 300 hectares around 9:30 p.m. The flames have now won the neighboring Aveyron.

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in the Drôme, the atmosphere was rather optimistic at the start of the day thanks to the rain. In the early afternoon, the firefighters managed to set the fire after ten days of combat. The forest fire that had declared itself in Romeyer because of lightning, following a thunderstorm, "traveled more than 383 hectares of forest", wrote the prefecture in a press release.

Between Lozère and Aveyron, around the Aveyron village of Mostuéjouls, the fire, which seemed on Saturday "in the process of being circumscribed and soon extinguished" , knew a "virulent" resumption. According to the Aveyron prefecture, some 500 additional hectares have been "consumed" since Saturday, bringing the total to 1,260 since Monday and causing the preventive evacuation of at least 1,000 people. Despite welcome showers, "Fire is not fixed or controlled" this Sunday afternoon, according to the town of Mostuéjouls. Firefighters are asking for more means "After a fight at all times and in all places for almost two months, the firefighters and all the Civil Security forces are on the verge of rupture"

Fire from Landiras en Gironde: 6,800 hectares ravaged, 1,100 firefighters mobilized

 Fire from Landiras en Gironde: 6,800 hectares ravaged, 1,100 firefighters mobilized ,400 firefighters worked overnight in Gironde to try to slow the flames and allow 600 others mobilized to take a few hours of rest. © supplied by Franceinfo The balance sheet of the Landiras fire communicated by the Gironde prefecture Thursday August 11 is 6,800 hectares of forest, pine forests, swallowed by flames. >> France plagued by flames. Follow our direct.

, Write this Sunday the presidents of three firefighters, including the National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF), in a forum published on the website of the Journal du Dimanche.

Firefighters, which have been very popular since the start of the summer by significant forest fires, ask that the share of the insurance tax which finances the departmental fire and rescue services (SDIS) be doubled. They want this measure to be discussed "now, within the framework of the finance bill for 2023".

Faced with an

"Climate change (which) will register in the duration and We all hit us louder and louder " , "The means must increase, it is certainty" , warn -they. For its part, the Elysée announces that Emmanuel Macron will bring together all the actors of the departments concerned, once the fires have been turned off, in order to reflect on the "model of prevention and fight against fire"

in France, without give a date. Emmanuel Macron is currently on vacation at the Brégançon Fort in the Var. The start of the government is scheduled for the week of August 22.

Gironde, Brittany, Jura, Anjou ... Tour of a France which burns .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs intense drought and repeated heat wave made the summer of 2022 one of the worst years for the lights Forest in France, with braziers that never stopped resuming and surfaces ravaged by considerable flames. In mid-August, after the long-awaited arrival of the rains, 61,000 hectares wooded had left smoke in France, nearly 700,000 on a European scale.

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