World: kilokick for the beach figure: With this recipe you lose 5 kilos in 9 days

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quickly let a few kilos tumble so that the figure is in top shape on vacation? Many are currently dreaming of this. On social media, a recipe is circulating, with which you can record blatant weight loss success within a very short time. With a kilocick with a lemon you should be able to get rid of up to 5 kilos in 9 days. We reveal what is behind it.

  Kilokick für die Strandfigur: Mit diesem Rezept verlieren Sie 5 Kilo in 9 Tagen © provided by Berliner Kurier

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You need: 5 organic liters, 2.5 liters, 2 teaspoons Honey

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is: When growing organic lemons, the use of chemical-synthetic is Plant protection products are prohibited, as well as the use of preservatives according to the harvest. However, you should also wash untreated lemons before further processing. On the one hand, dirt from the surrounding area can be on the shell, on the other hand, the lemon on the way into your shopping bag may have gone through many hands. Lemons also form a natural layer of wax. Therefore before getting started: Wash lemons with hot water and rub off with kitchen paper.

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now halve the lemons and squeeze the juice with the help of a lemon press. Be sure to remove the bowls. These are now coming into a large saucepan. Add water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 3 minutes. Remove

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lemon peel, add honey and stir well so that it dissolves. Add the lemon juice and fill the mixture into clean bottles.

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The body needs vitamin C to form the hormone noradrenaline important for fat burning. The hormone helps to loosen fat from the fat cells and make them available to the body as an energy reserve. Vitamin C is also involved in the production of L-carnitine, which is required when burning fat in the muscles.

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So that the kilokic with lemon can develop its optimal effect, you should make it into your morning routine. Drink a large glass of it on an empty stomach in the morning (approx. 400 milliliters). You should also drink a glass of the kilok before each meal.

Tip: With a rod cinnamon or a few leaves mint you can still refine the juice.

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important: the cure with the kilokick is not forever and every day! According to experts, you should not go through the crash diet for more than two weeks at a time and three times a year, even if the weight loss success tempts to simply continue.

The problem: Excessive lemon consumption can lead to bone detachment or ulcers. People with stomach ulcers, bile or kidney problems or heartburn should not eat the kilokic.

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