World: Stéphane Bern Lovers: his rare confidences on paternity

"The 12 noon strokes": this tyrannical nickname that Cécile, Master of noon, gave her mother

 © TF1 "the 12 noon": this tyrannical nickname that Cécile, Master of Midi, gave to Her mother Sunday August 7, 2022, in the TF1 show, the 12 noon, Cécile revealed the tyrannical nickname that she gave to her mother when she was a child. These statements followed by tender confidences that the young woman had made in the previous show. The 12 noon strokes, emblematic program of TF1 , plunges viewers every lunch at the heart of the mystery.

Stéphane Bern amoureux : ses rares confidences sur la paternité © Bestimage Stéphane Bern Amouncing: his rare confidences on paternity The viewers of France 3 will be able to discover a Stéphane in a role at counter-employment during a telefilm broadcast the Next August 25. The host of history secrets will camp there a police officer and will be surrounded by children. If he loves them, he still does not plan to have them, as he entrusted to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours.

Like many animators, Stéphane Bern was tempted by comedy. Alessandra Sublet left TF1 for fiction projects, Karine Ferri sent waltzing with the stars to imitate her, while Sandrine Quétier had shown the way to her fellows. The specialist in crowned heads is not ready to abandon secrets of history for fiction, but will nevertheless be on the poster of for the honor of a son , a police film which will be broadcast on France 3 Next August 25. Beginnings in the actor costume already mocked by Internet users after an already cult sequence, where we see him brandish a pistol.

"She was convinced that it was a sign": Inès registered the unlikely common point between her sister and Stéphane Rotenberg

 your browser does not support this video "Stéphane, it is an icon" throughout Of this special celebrity season, Anaïs has never hidden her passion for the presenter of Top Chef . On the evening of the final, the young woman and her sister even had the opportunity to tighten Stéphane Rotenberg in their arms to celebrate their victory. Anaïs also keeps a very good memory: "I was so happy! Stéphane, it's an icon. I was seen a lot on the different sets with him because I was too happy to see him.

However, his character of the army of the army of Aix is ​​much more serious than the diversions which he was the subject on the canvas. His keen sense of self -mockery will help him to play down, just like his romance with Yori Baillares , which "gave new momentum to [his] life" , as he confided in the columns of TV Magazine in December 2021. A companion with whom he is regularly displayed on social networks.

"I never thought that it was necessary to reproduce ..."

very in love, Stéphane Bern does not wish to start a family. "I have always been surrounded by children" , he responds to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours, on newsstands this August 15, when they asked if the paternity lacked. And to continue: "I had the chance to participate in the education of lots of kids, those of my friends, and my nephews. I never thought that it was necessary to happen to be in empathy with them . " The heritage defender wishes to materialize his love gestures otherwise, as in his works, for example. "In a way, my books are a bit like children," he said in Paris Match. Unless a twist, he seems to have definitively closed this chapter.

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